Loving God with All Your Heart Prayer Journal


By Susie Hobson

This Prayer Journal was inspired by Susie Hobson’s book, Loving God with All Your Heart: Keeping the Greatest Commandment in Everyday Life. Susie questioned herself about her ability and even her desire to keep this commandment. Could she honestly say she loved this unseen Creator with everything in her? Through her story she explains how she found that intimate love relationship with God that her heart longed for and God commands, and shares how you too can experience this precious Love in your life everyday.

Journal your heartfelt emotions, prayers, and praise reports while meditating on the Scriptures Susie used in her book. Her encouraging words on how to apply these Scriptures to your life make the Loving God Prayer Journal an intimate way of communing with Him and recording your love journey with Jesus.

This personal journal will become a lifetime treasure for you or your gift recipient!

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Susie-HobsonSusie Hobson has a B.A. in Special Education and M.S. in Rehabilitation Counseling from the University of Alabama and carried a deaf / hearing-impaired and blind / vision-impaired caseload for sixteen years. She retired for more time with family and to write as God has called her. She and her husband, Rich, have two daughters, Whitney and Amelia, live in Montgomery, Alabama, and attend Lakeview Baptist Church.

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1 review for Loving God with All Your Heart Prayer Journal

  1. Tasha, Orange County, CA

    I love the prayer journal – I especially love the first few pages where you can put the name with the date for the people you are praying for. We have a dear friend who is a missionary in Romania and he does that in all of his prayer journals – he writes the name of the person, the request, and how God answered the prayer request. It is a great reminder for us to have a record of how God answers our prayers! I am really looking forward to using this journal.

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