A Whole New World

The Gospel According to Revelation


By Greg Uttinger

Mr. Greg Uttinger provides the tool necessary for wondering, intimidated, or blank-minded Christians who think that John’s Revelation is limited to Greek scholars or those waiting until their octogenarian years before devoting themselves to its study. Although far more than a mere grid, Mr. Uttinger’s book provides a framework by which we can read the entirety of the Revelation with profit. For example, an understanding of the events, metaphors, and symbols of the Old Testament are key interpretive tools.

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A person untaught in the Old Testament and unaware of even a few important chapters in the New Testament (i.e., Matthew 24, Mark 13, Luke 21, etc.) will struggle mightily. However, by using the grid this book provides, the interpreter’s understanding will be greatly enhanced. The reason is that the grid is derived from the book of Revelation itself, and not from any outside interpretive model or prejudice.

George Santayana once said that brevity is “almost a condition of being inspired.” Brevity may have a stronger punch than a literary tome. Before we can have the last word, we must first hear the first word. This little book is that first word. This means it can be safely placed into the hands of any Christian, regardless of age or spiritual maturity. It gives each Christian a jump-start, significantly reducing the likelihood of a reading stall. The book of Revelation is indeed a revelation, a revelation for all of God’s people. A Whole New World shows how this is true.

jim_westJim West, Associate Professor, City Seminary, Sacramento, California

Revelation-Book-Title-Telugu-lgJust published in the Telugu language in Andhra Pradesh, India, by Rev. Paul Raju. Raju is a friend of the Nordskog’s for two decades, serving in southern India and running an orphanage and church.





Mark_RushdoonyGreg Uttinger’s book is refreshing for its brevity; it does not confuse the reader in the minutia of exposition. It demystifies Revelation by focusing the reader on the big picture. I do not agree with all of what the author says, but I would nevertheless encourage anyone to read it. Here is why. There are several views of Revelation that I believe are faithful to its message. Partial preterists, like Uttinger, believe much of the book was fulfilled by A.D. 70. Historicists believe the book represents the battle between Christ and Satan in the entire inter-advent period described sequentially. I follow the idealist view, which also sees it as a description of the entire inter-advent period, though not viewed sequentially. All these positions are in agreement in seeing Jesus Christ as presently “the prince of the kings of the earth” (1:4). The blessing on those who read, hear, and keep the message of Revelation (1:3) was not referring to the academic or technical interpretation of the details of the book, but to its core message—that we serve the risen, victorious Lord of time and eternity. Uttinger’s book is faithful to that “Revelation of Jesus Christ” (1:1).

Mark R. Rushdoony, President, Chalcedon Foundation

GN_59_D1_smLetter From the Publisher

When my Theology Editor suggested we publish Mr. Uttinger’s book on Revelation, I shuddered, thinking, “Haven’t too many books been written on the subject of eschatology already?” But since the book came from my friend, Rev. Christopher Hoops, and was a short read, I delved into the book, wondering if there would be anything more that could be said about this vital topic. To my surprise, A Whole New World indeed captures the essence and truth of the book of Revelation given to the Apostle John on the Isle of Patmos sometime prior to the destruction of Jerusalem in A.D. 70. This brief summary book clarifies much of the confusion that exists about prophecy. It is a quick and easy read to supplement the Word of God itself. Nordskog Publishing was delightfully compelled to publish this updated second edition of the manuscript revealing the blessed hope that awaits us.

I, too, was one who was influenced three decades ago by the interpretation of Hal Lindsey’s theoretical theological views in The Late Great Planet Earth, a strange version of the futurist viewpoint of the end times. In A Whole New World: The Gospel According to Revelation, Greg Uttinger sees much of the book of Revelation fulfilled in God’s covenant acts in the first century but also recognizes that its prophecies hold out a glorious future for the kingdom of Christ before He returns in glory. The author clearly and simply puts forth a reasonable and realistic interpretation, taken from Scripture as a whole, comparing Scripture with Scripture (and Old Testament with New Testament). He deciphers signs and symbolism from the Word of God and concisely and simply explains the glorious future all believers cherish as we walk and work in the Kingdom of God on earth now in anticipation of the Heavenly Kingdom and God’s ordained “Whole New World.”

Gerald Christian Nordskog, Publisher

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greg_uttingerGreg Uttinger has been teaching systematic and Biblical theology to high school students for twenty-five years. He has written web and print articles for the Chalcedon Foundation and a number of handbooks on theology, history, and literature. He currently teaches at Cornerstone Christian School in Roseville, California. Greg, his wife Kate, and their three little girls live in nearby Sacramento.

Featured in this edition is “Apocalypse,” a poem written by Brittney Todd, a student of Mr. Uttinger at Cornerstone Christian School, Roseville, California.

Media Appearances

Interviewed by Pastor Wiley Drake, Friday 8/26, at crusaderadio.com

Interviewed by Greg Hennis, 9/21, Advantage Radio Ministries

Matter at Hand with Larry Weidman, WGRC-FM 91.3 Lewisburg, PA, Thursday, September 29, 2011

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2 reviews for A Whole New World

  1. Patch Blakey

    I’ve read through A Whole New World and thought it was an excellent treatment of the book of Revelation. I handed it to my wife when I was done and told her that she would get an excellent overview of the Revelation of John by reading it. Greg Uttinger does a great job of laying out the big picture using the Old Testament as a backdrop for our understanding. (I look forward to reading the other books as well).

    Patch Blakey, Executive Director – Association of Classical & Christian Schools (Moscow, Idaho) March, 2008

  2. Dan Jensen

    After 46 years of dispensational immersion, I was exposed to a much more reasonable and satisfying interpretation of Revelation through men like Hank Hanegraaff, Dr Kenneth Gentry, Gary DeMar, and now Greg Uttinger. Greg’s book is a wonderfully reasonable guide to Revelation for any dispensationalist who is skeptical of the “video-game” method of interpreting Revelation that they have been used to. I highly recommend this book. Well Done. A valuable resource. May you help “heal the nations” with this work.

    Dan Jensen, Yuba City, CA

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