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The “New NAFTA” Power Grab

Guest essay by Tom Gow Following an agreement with Canada, President Trump claimed victory in the negotiations to replace NAFTA: The president said it fulfills his campaign pledge to replace NAFTA, which he called “perhaps the worst trade deal ever made,” and claimed it will transform the U.S. back into a “manufacturing powerhouse.” “Throughout the […]

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The Forbidden Book Unchained

Guest essay by Marshall Foster It was the greatest catastrophe in recorded history. The Black Death, the bubonic plague, ravaged Asia, then descended upon Europe and swept into England in 1348.The deadly bacteria were carried by flea-infested rats on ships from the East. The plague killed up to 50 million people—roughly 60% of the entire […]

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What Should Be Our Attitude Regarding Great Evil?

Perhaps that question should be reworded to: What is America’s attitude toward exploding evil in our country, and what should it be? Today, many Americans have zero understanding of this evil—having been almost totally dumbed down by the controlled media, by the leftist—controlled educational system, or by their nonstop preoccupation with entertainment (i.e., gadgets, social […]

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The Reformation Roots of Western Civilization

Guest essay by Peter Hammond Unprecedented Western civilisation has been blessed with the greatest freedom, productivity and prosperity ever known in history. The liberty, standards of justice and creativity enjoyed in Western civilisation is a direct result of the Protestant Reformation of the 16th Century.   First Things First Our Lord Jesus Christ taught: “But […]

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Of John Locke

Guest essay by Daniel Itse Who is John Locke? I myself have just finished a 400-page biography of John Locke, “John Locke, Philosopher of American Liberty”. As I began it, it seemed a bit tedious, but by the end I was enthralled and even more convinced that the understanding of liberty by our founding fathers, […]

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We Have a Choice

Guest essay by Ruth J. Smith America is faced with a great challenge today, a challenge that will not be easily answered or dealt with. The tentacles of socialism have penetrated our national government in the huge bureaucracy of non-elected officials and departments. These public offices have the authority to make regulations to which we, […]

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Vote, then Double Down

The people of the United States founded our country, from the first colonies, on the basis of self-government. Self-government means the people administer its civil government through representation of their wisest neighbors of the best character. Such service has always required sacrifice. The best early American civil representatives served only at the urging and sometimes […]

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