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America’s Work Crisis

With another Labor Day come and gone, it’s fascinating to note that America’s work ethic is in trouble today. And the coronavirus has made it worse. We now have a labor shortage crisis. Columnist Victor Davis Hanson (8/11/21) describes some of the symptoms of our current labor shortages: “Airliners cannot take off due to fuel […]

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Booker T. Washington’s Caution Against His Era’s Critical Race Theory

Booker T. Washington addressed the racially mixed crowd at the International Exposition in Atlanta, September 18, 1895: “A ship lost at sea for many days suddenly sighted a friendly vessel. From the mast of the unfortunate vessel was seen a signal, ‘Water, water; we die of thirst!’ The answer from the friendly vessel at once […]

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Thoughts of America’s Future

God has been doing His best to teach us how to love Him and love one another for over six thousand years. We humans are slow learners! He began with Creation. The product reveals things about the producer (observation andreason).After about 2,000 years that had not worked out well, so He flushed it (i.e., humanity) […]

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The Omniscience of God

Each of the twenty-four International Church Council Project topics is essential to a sound understanding of historic Christianity, yet some have larger, more far-reaching implications than others. “The Omniscience of God and Human Freedom” is one of those. Dr. Wayne Grudem in his Systematic Theology (190-91) mentions that the quality of knowing everything is called […]

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Sayin’ Don’t Make It So

Just sayin’ don’t make it so! The leftist media reports that Mike Lindell’s evidence has been debunked. I have had folks tell me they don’t need to see what he has because it has been refuted! I ask how it was refuted. “None of the machines were connected to the internet.” Lindell has terabytes of […]

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California Churches Free at Last!

Church and Worship Are Now Forever Legal in California! California churches and places of worship are finally free to worship as they please, not as Governor Gavin Newsom demands! California will never again be able to steal the religious freedom of Californians, thanks to a historic settlement achieved by Liberty Counsel. Having terrorized California churches […]

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Magna Carta: Freedom of the Individual Against the Arbitrary Authority of the Despot

“Freedom of the individual against the arbitrary authority of the despot” — Lord Denning  To understand the significance of the Magna Carta, one must know what preceded it.  England was invaded by “Dane” Vikings from Scandinavia in the 9th century.  They raided, pillaged, and plundered, destroying homes, churches, and libraries. They were unstoppable, defeating all […]

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Update on the Equality Act

Now Is the Time to Pray—and Speak Up! The Equality Act already passed the House and is coming before the Senate soon. A piece of dangerous legislation inaccurately called the Equality Act was passed by the House last week, 224-206. The Senate is expected to take up the bill very soon, and the result will […]

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Why the District of Columbia Should Not Be a State

In June 1783, the Confederation Congress was meeting in what is now Independence Hall in Philadelphia. Continental soldiers surrounded the building demanding back pay. They were peaceful, but the intimidation was plain. Congress asked Pennsylvania authorities to clear away the demonstrators. Pennsylvania authorities refused to do so. Congress accordingly left Philadelphia for Princeton, New Jersey, […]

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Responding to Resistance to Reformation

Resisting the Call to Action From the very beginning, as Africa Christian Action was launched 30 years ago, there were those who resisted the call to action.  “You Cannot Legislate Morality!”  “You cannot legislate morality!” insisted many. However, all legislation enforces some version of morality. Either the state will exercise the wrath of God against […]

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A Nudge to Run

Is it possible that the Lord has been nudging you to be a candidate for elected office? It night be for the House or Senate. Trump and his team are going to be looking at every one of the candidates. If they think your philosophy, drive, and personality make you look like a winner – […]

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