Rebuilding Civilization on the Bible

Proclaiming the Truth on 24 Controversial Issues


By Jay Grimstead and Eugene Calvin Clingman
Coalition on Revival

Humanism increasingly and intensely assaults the authority of Scripture. Anything that waters down, neglects, or rejects God’s Word as the sole source of ultimate truth, goodness, and life undermines the faith of Jesus Christ in the world. Ready to fill any spiritual vacuum, the forces of raging godlessness will create a world of horror like those of the ancient pagan cultures such as Canaan, Assyria, and the bloody religious culture of the Mayas. If successful, such could undo centuries of Christian progress toward true civility, liberty, and prosperity. What should we do?

In Rebuilding Civilization, Jay Grimstead once more powerfully raises the Bible’s banner. Using historic tools, with the contribution of dozens of Christian leaders, Dr. Jay answers 24 controversial doctrinal questions, defending the historic Biblical faith with Scripture.

Nordskog Publishing urges every Christian to join this effort to defend the inerrancy and authority of the Bible and to restore it to its proper place as the sole rule of faith over all of life. Read Rebuilding Civilization and arm yourself for the cause.

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Earnestly contend for the faith once delivered to the saints. For certain men crept in unawares…turning the grace of our God into lasciviousness, and denying the only Lord God, and our Lord Jesus Christ.—Jude 3-4 (KJV paraphrase)

The controversial issues of the Bible would not even be controversial if all believers declared—like Jesus and Paul—the inerrancy of the Bible. Yet error, heresy, and outright paganism commonly corrupt once Biblically sound churches. Many presumed better churches uphold little depth in their teachings. Most remain silent as current intrusive evils destroy the foundations of society needed for Christian life and work, including the Christian home. Some churches embrace practical paganism masquerading as Christianity, and so destroy the faith of the people.

False teachings also invaded the early Christian Church, corrupting it. Church leaders fought these threats with great representative councils where they distilled and clearly communicated the orthodox teaching of the Bible into creeds received by the Church. Standing the test of time and fruit bearing, these faithful distillations of Scriptural truth served as a bulwark against future corruption.

Rebuilding Civilization offers a contemporary example of this time-tested solution. Hundreds of theologians and Christian leaders over a 37-year period contributed—presenting, defining, and defending the key Biblical points on 24 controversial issues plaguing the church due to Biblical wrong-headedness and ignorance.

Let us therefore “Find the knowledge of God”—Proverbs 2:5—and discern from the very Word of God, truth versus error!

Listen to the recent interview with Eugene on Off the Bookshelf:

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Praise for Rebuilding Civilization on the Bible

Rebuilding Civilization on the Bible is the work of the global Coalition on Revival’s (COR) network of theologians, pastors, and Christian leaders and is an essential corrective for the Church and a weapon targeting 24 areas of false doctrine which to a large degree have been absorbed by the Church.

Rebuilding Civilization on the Bible: Proclaiming the Truth on 24 Controversial Issues is a fascinating read not only for the clear teachings but also where it references areas that can be controversial from homosexuality to the eternal fate of nonbelievers. Dr. Grimstead has spent a lifetime studying these issues and the liberalization of their interpretation. Rebuilding Civilization on the Bible is way to go back to the theology of Christianity.

Wilson Trivino,

What an awesome and outstanding production! A treasured reference of the basic beliefs of Christianity. Your life work [Dr. Grimstead’s too]. I’m so proud of you. You have persevered through thick and thin, and through many hindrances.… This is a very important work which I pray will become a world-wide go-to book for pastors, ministries, and Christians everywhere.

…It is beautifully done.

May God bless and reward you for your service to Him.

Love and prayers, Lois

A must read for all serious Christians! This book is definitely a source of inspiration and a great personal piece of study material. To church leaders it is certainly solid material for teaching and preaching and setting your people on the right track to understanding the real truth of 24 controversial issues contained and taught in the Bible. Should be a part of every Christian’s personal library.

A Call to Action to Help Restore Core Principles of the Bible to Daily Life
Rebuilding Civilization on the Bible: Proclaiming the Truth on 24 Controversial Issues, or COR24 for short, from Nordskog Publishing, Inc. speaks to: What core Biblical truths can all Christians agree on, regardless of denomination or culture? Is the cry of your heart revival? Do you long to see the Church restored, reformed, and revived – rebuilding the foundations of civilization while fulfilling the Great Commission?

The authors, Dr. Jay Grimstead and Dr. Eugene Clingman of the Coalition on Revival, bring a valuable resource and lay a vital and challenging plumb line of Biblical Truth for every serious Christian. This book will provide readers with a practical, hands-on source of inspiration, information, and step-by-step guide to turn the tide and rebuild every area of life on rock-solid foundations of the Word of God.

Says Dr. Jay, “There can be no new reformation and revival unless many pastors preach strongly for Christians to obey the Bible from the heart 24/7.” Their message is not only a call to action, but also effective tools and truths with which to advance, Lord willing, the Kingdom of God on earth, as in heaven. May the Church in America and around the world move forward courageously and valiantly to rebuild civilization on the Bible and thus bring blessing to the nations.

The 24 vital documents in this book – which provide the sure foundation for restoring the Church to God’s Word and God’s favor to the Church – are the culmination of 37 years of the work of hundreds of Christian theologians and pastoral and lay leaders from a broad variety of denominations, who met to restore “the faith once delivered to the saints” (Jude 1:3) and hashed out creedal statements of Biblical Truth on 24 controversial topics, beginning with the Eternal and Inerrant Word of God.

Authors invite input and debate from readers who think they see a more Biblical interpretation. The goal is to discern from the very Word of God truth versus error and encourage the Body-of-Christ-global to unify in spirit around a Biblical-theological standard of doctrine consistent with the first 20 centuries – to spearhead a new reformation and global revival. The author’s prayer for the reader is: “May our wonderful God bless, guide, and mobilize all who read this book to love Him more passionately and to live more wholeheartedly in obedience to His inerrant written Word, the Bible. Amen!”

Harold Cheetham

“This book is the fruit of the work of hundreds of theologians and Christian leaders working throughout a 37-year period to describe and defend the key Biblical points of 24 controversial issues within evangelical circles, which issues would not be controversial in the first place if all evangelicals believed like Jesus and Paul in the inerrancy of the Bible. I commend my good friend, Dr. Jay Grimstead, and his various teams of leaders for providing the Body of Christ with this excellent package of corrective theological documents and resources for reformation.”

Robert L. Simonds, Th.D., Founder-Director, National Association of Christian Educators and Citizens for Excellence in Education

Jay Grimstead is the God-ordained, God-inspired, God-sustained progenitor of Rebuilding Civilization on the Bible. God has given Jay wit and wisdom to turn society right side up. I support Jay 100% and recommend all that he does and writes!

Ted Baehr, J.D., Chairman, Christian Film & Television Commission®

I have known Dr. Jay Grimstead for over thirty years and have never met a man so singularly focused on the need to revive the Church to its Biblical foundations. Jay uniquely scans the imperiled twenty-first century Body of Christ from a 30,000 foot vantage point while most of us are navigating the on-ramp to the freeway. May his insights awaken us from our spiritual coma and help us rebuild our nations.

Dr. Ron Boehme, Director, YWAM US Renewal

The Coalition on Revival Documents are a vital foundation for the ministry of Christ to the nations in the twenty-first century. After four decades studying Church history and revival, it is clear to me that no lasting revival can transform a nation unless God’s people are reading, believing, and applying God’s plan as detailed in the whole Bible. Any believer or group can fastrack their knowledge of the full counsel of God by studying this book. The truth revealed about how to apply our faith to all areas of life can help spark another reformation.

Dr. Marshall Foster, World History Institute, Thousand Oaks, CA

How encouraging! Dr. Grimstead’s new book appears at a most critical time, makes the correct analysis, and offers the needful correctives. The future of churches, missions and—yes, civilization itself —depends on whether or not Christians clearly understand and carefully heed the central thesis of Rebuilding Civilization on the Bible.

David J. Hesselgrave, Ph.D., Co-founder Evangelical Missiological Society, Professor Emeritus of Missions, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

Over the course of a lifetime of fruitful ministry, Jay Grimstead has pointed the way toward substantive renewal and revival for Western Culture. His unwavering vision for an articulate application of Gospel principles in every arena of life and culture is captured in this work—a kind of blueprint for the restoration of Christian civilization. May God give us the grace and courage to act in accord with this vision in the days ahead.

Dr. George Grant, Pastor, Parish Presbyterian Church, Franklin, TN

It fell to my generation to rethink everything in the light of the kingdom of God. It now falls to the emerging generation to rebuild everything in the light of the kingdom of God. Dr. Jay Grimstead’s life work, now fleshed out in this essential book, offers essential kingdom blueprints and road maps for the new generation of rebuilders. Soli Deo Gloria!

Dr. William Mikler, Bishop, Communio Christiana

Conceived in ancient times of formative church councils, nurtured by the Protestant Reformation, challenged by theological drift in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, the multifaceted vision of Dr. Jay Grimstead to return the modern church to its Biblical roots has been birthed in our time. For many of us who shared in his labor pangs, the vision at times seemed too grand to be realized and its vessels too weak to carry it forward. Yet in the late decades of the twentieth century and early years of the twenty-first, the vision took real shape as the Holy Spirit guided an impossibly diverse group of churchmen to network and cooperate in shaping movements and creedal statements declaring Biblical truth in the face of resurrected old and innovative new heresies. This book is a valuable record of how dedicated Christians can reawaken the Church to affirm eternal truth and renounce falsehood. The book is a library in itself of how we should think and live in an age when truth has fallen in the streets.

Garry J. Moes, Development Director, Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary

This book draws a clear line in the sand between today’s compromising liberal theology and the clear teachings of Scripture, laying a foundation of truth for effectively engaging the challenges facing western civilization.

Brad Dacus, J.D., Founder/President, Pacific Justice Institute

Rebuilding Civilization on the Bible by Jay Grimstead and Eugene Clingman should be required reading for every serious Christian. Jay is a father to our generation and more specifically a spiritual father to me. Decades ago he showed me how to develop a Biblical worldview instead of a worldly Biblical view. He included me in some of the councils of the elders who developed the principles in this book. As a result, I built my ministry on the starting place that all understanding must begin with the Creator Himself. What God understands and has revealed to us in the Bible is our only true standard for all times and for all circumstances. Without exception, God’s Word applies to every area of life.

Dr. Wellington Boone, Founder, Head Bishop, Fellowship of International Churches, Atlanta, Georgia.

We know the foundation of satan’s governance…money, control, and power in the hands of temporal man under satan’s designs…recorded history proves it. Dr. Jay Grimstead conversely weighs in with Spirit-led truths that lead all socio-economic sectors of modern society never to fail. A friend once said, “Get your facts or the facts will get you.” Jay’s forte…Biblical facts that apply for every nations’ benefit. It’s time to act, here’s how.

David Fankhauser, Owner, Skyway Realty, Red Mountain, TN

There is no one who has influenced my spiritual life more than Dr. Grimstead. A few months after I met him, back in 1982, he said that after he discipled me, I would never be the same. And he was right; my worldview and my understanding of what God expects of me individually, and His Church in general, revolutionized my life. This book is a great tool to create, in all aspects of life, a God-centered society and to bring glory to our Lord until He returns.

Victor Rivera, President, Integrity Document Solutions Inc., Las Vegas

Dr. Jay Grimstead and his team of the Coalition on Revival have provided the Church with an invaluable armory of vital foundational documents to assist your Church and ministry in working for Biblical Reformation. These documents, including the ICBI Statement of Biblical Inerrancy, The 42 Articles of Historic Christian Doctrine, The 25 Articles of Affirmation and Denial on the Kingdom of God, and the Manifesto for the Christian Church represent decades of study and hard work by some of the finest minds in the Church today.

These are solid foundations on which to build, powerful weapons to use in this world war of worldviews, tremendous tools for each one involved in applying the Lordship of Christ to all areas of life. God’s thoughts are higher than our thoughts. His ways are higher than our ways. Reformation is about restoring Biblical principles to all areas of life. This is God’s world and we need God’s Word to be obeyed in every area of life.

It is time to draw a line in the sand. We need to echo the words of Dr. Martin Luther’s bold stand against the emperor at Worms, 18 April 1521: “My conscience is captive to the Word of God. Here I stand, I can do no other! God help me. Amen.”

Dr. Peter Hammond, Frontline Fellowship, South Africa

Rebuilding Civilization on the Bible: Proclaiming Truth on 24 Controversial Issues, is a must-read for all who want to learn the Bible’s implications for all of life, including the realm of law and government. Developing those implications and teaching them to Christians through the Coalition on Revival (COR) and the International Church Council Project (ICCP) has been my good friend Dr. Grimstead’s life mission, and this book is the culmination of decades of tireless work. Dr. Grimstead begins by establishing the inspiration and inerrancy of the Bible. But he doesn’t stop there. He raises the quintessential point: If the Bible is inspired and inerrant, then it must be authoritative for all walks of life.

Col. John Eidsmoe, Alabama State Defense Forces

It is with great honor I can give an endorsement for the work of my friend Jay Grimstead. History will be determined not by the strong, but by the active, the vigilant and the brave. Right is right, no matter if nobody is right, wrong is wrong, no matter if everybody is wrong. Jay has written a line in the sand that can’t be crossed without grave consequences. I highly recommend Christian leaders to study his material which he has written. The greatest need of our time is for organized information that can make a difference in the hearts and minds of the next generation. Jay’s work has the information to make a powerful impact for the Kingdom of Jesus Christ and the posterity of this great nation.

Dr. Allen Unruh, Sioux Falls, SD

In that long and noble Christian tradition of addressing modern controversies through statements of faith, COR has provided a valuable resource to the Christian church and a bright witness to the world in the documents preserved in this compilation. May God all the more invigorate His inescapable truth in our apathetic culture through the truths elaborated and defended within these documents.

Rev. Dave Bush, Pastor, Oak Hill Presbyterian Church, Sonora, CA

This important book mingles history and doctrine. Drs. Jay Grimstead and Eugene Clingman are uniquely situated to offer their insights as various position papers are unfolded. I am particularly pleased to see these documents in printed form, since they represent carefully crafted Biblical teaching along with references and rationale.

Dr. James A. Borland, Professor, Philosophy and Theology, Liberty University

The old truth that God’s true Word is sharper than a double-edged blade, piercing the core of all that a human being is, always needs to be rediscovered, re-articulated, and re-applied—as it is in this book. Some issues and problems are new, some are old, but Scripture always turns this world upside down.

Dr. David Powlison, CCEF Executive Director, Senior Editor, Journal of Biblical Counseling,

The Coalition on Revival is at the forefront of researching, promoting, and implementing a thoroughly Biblical, truly Christian culture. In this work, Rebuilding Civilization on the Bible: Proclaiming the Truth on 24 Controversial Issues they have made an important contribution to the discussion. The topics covered herein are fundamental to the Christian worldview and therefore to building a Christian civilization. I highly commend this work to all those who are dismayed at the collapse of Western Christian culture that we are witnessing around us. In Hosea 4:6 the Lord exposes the problem that His people of old faced: “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” In Rebuilding Civilization COR is seeking to reverse this dreadful lack of knowledge. May God bless this work to his glory!

Kenneth L. Gentry, Jr., Th.D., Director, Good Birth Ministries, Pastor, Living Hope Presbyterian Church, Greer, SC

Error, heresy, and outright paganism are today common in churches that were once sound. Even many “better” churches have little depth to their teaching and are silent on critical issues of the day. Being conservative or traditionalist will not bring them back to a sound theology. Errant theology can only be corrected by Biblical theology, heresy can only be repudiated by orthodox theology, and paganism masquerading as Christianity can only be defeated by a clear declaration of the eternal Word of God. The word theology can be simply defined by its root meaning “God words.” Theology is the battlefield of every Christian because it represents God’s law word, and we represent Him and His Kingdom. When faced with a battle for our churches we are faced with the choice of either stepping forward and fighting or fleeing. The documents in this book are presented as a standard around which the church is called to stand, then fight and advance.

Rev. Mark R. Rushdoony, President of Chalcedon Foundation

Jay Grimstead has given us a monumental work tracing the theology of Christianity through its creeds from its inception to the present day. The problem for the contemporary church is in accepting a theology no longer rooted in Scripture and the creeds. Grimstead and Clingman and their committees clearly demonstrate this failure by those Christians who are more influenced by the world than by the Bible. He correctly calls all Christians back to orthodox theology and a deeper reverence for the Word of God. When our society is once again influenced by the power of the teachings of Christ, we will see the Holy Spirit bring a new awakening in our government as well as our daily lives.

Rev. David R. Brown, Pastor, Danville Presbyterian Church, Author, Former School Administrator and Teacher

According to the Scriptures Jesus came to “bear witness to the truth” (John 18:37) and his younger brother Jude wrote his Epistle to “contend for the truth” (Jude 3b), clearly as a matter of personal as well as societal “life and death.” The present volume follows courageously and persuasively in their footsteps. It consists of a number of previously published documents that cover a wide variety of topics, as well as some perceptive analyses of “empty and deceitful” (Col. 2:8) theological trends and fresh material on “hot-button” issues, such as homosexuality and the environment. Together they do not just urge the Church to stand firm on the truth that has “once and for all been delivered to the saints” (Jude 3c). They are also a “clarion call” tirelessly to promulgate any and all truth whatever the cost, once again both on the personal and the societal level. The Biblical necessity for the latter is frequently under heavy attack from various angles. This volume makes a compelling case that life cannot and may not be compartmentalized. God is a universal King and his inerrant and authoritative Word covers the waterfront of history in all its components and aspects (Is. 8:20). The grim reality is that on the whole, in spite of many skirmishes and frequent battles won, the Church has lost battles in the Middle East to “Idolatrous Islam” and in Europe to “Atheistic Secularism.” So it better wake up fast and give it all it has got, or it will lose the war in the USA to an “ungodly humanism” and will be unable to “bear witness to the truth” and “contend for the truth” in other parts of the world. This volume can only assist and stimulate its readers everywhere to be or to get ready for action and battle in the prayerful hope of victory. In sum, “Tolle Lege!”

Dr. Henry Krabbendam, Professor, Biblical Studies, Covenant College (retired)

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Dr. Jay Grimstead was born in 1935 and raised in Tacoma, Washington, by his godly, Presbyterian grandmother. He graduated from Sterling College in Kansas with a B.S. in Biology, and from Fuller Seminary with a Masters in Theology in 1961, and he earned a Doctor of Ministry degree in 1976.

From 1957 to 1977, Dr. Jay served as a leader and Area Director for Young Life Campaign, running camps and clubs, evangelizing non-church teenagers, and training college Christians.

In 1977, Dr. Jay was moved by God to give birth to the International Council on Biblical Inerrancy (ICBI) along with world-respected conservative theologians he had called together to defend the inerrancy of the Bible and to create the “Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy.” In 1984, he called together 113 evangelical leaders and theologians and founded the Coalition on Revival to encourage the Reformation of the Church, to promote “Bible-obedient Christianity,” and to create the 17 Worldview Documents on how the Bible applies to every area of life. In 1991, Dr. Jay and certain theologians who stayed with his vision from the ICBI and COR formed the Church Council movement and continued creating theological documents to counteract certain falsehoods which were then being taught within Evangelical churches and schools. There are now 24 such Documents which have been thus created as the need presented itself year by year, which documents are the core of this book and will form the primary discussion agenda for the proposed “International Church Council” to take place in 2017 in Wittenberg, Germany during the 500th Anniversary of Martin Luther nailing his 95 Theses to the castle church door in 1517.

Dr. Jay lives in Murphys, California, with his pharmacist-nutritionist wife, Donna. They have two adult children: Julie, who lives in Santa Clara, California, and Guy, who lives near St. Louis, Missouri, with his wife, Mande, and their three preschool boys, Boaz, Ezra, and Ezekiel.

Eugene Clingman served as senior pastor of a small church and as associate pastor with several other churches. After 1999, Eugene served with Dr. Jay Grimstead in the Coalition on Revival and as co-author of this book, and he was the Executive Administrator of the International Church Council Project. In 2013, he obtained the Doctor of Ministry degree from Heber Springs Theological Seminary (Heber Springs, Arkansas).

Dr. Jay Grimstead, the primary author of this book, was father and mentor to Eugene since 1999, and was known as Uncle Jay by Eugene’s eleven children. Uncle Jay’s Godly impact on the Clingman family surely carries generational returns for the Kingdom of God.

Eugene used to enjoy time with his family, reading theology, blogging, teaching, and preaching. Eugene and Edna passionately wanted to raise up godly children who will in turn raise up their own children to serve our worthy Christ.

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