Hearts of Purpose

Real-life stories about ten ordinary women doing extraordinary things for the Glory of God
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The Gail Grace Nordskog Collection

You have a call on your life. My desire is to encourage you to live life in fulfillment of that call. Following the example of Joan of Arc, you can be inspired to live out your purpose in first hearing from God and then taking your stand in following Him. Just as Joan of Arc could step forth in full confidence under the banner of her calling, so we too are under God’s banner as we step out to fulfill our purpose.

Hearts of Purpose brings you ten real-life stories about ten ordinary women doing extraordinary things for the Glory of God. As you read of how God called these women to service, you will be motivated to explore His call in your own life.

Let this reading experience be an invitation for you to take a step closer to fulfilling your God-given calling in Christ Jesus.

Gail Grace Nordskog


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Reviewed on the Movieguide Book Guide

Why Writing Is a Form of Personal Therapy, by Gail Nordskog

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Gail Grace NordskogGail Grace Nordskog has established the “Gail Grace Nordskog Collection” to embolden readers to live their lives with a “heart of purpose” for God’s glory.

Gail has worked in media for over two decades. She presently produces and hosts a program called Hearts of Purpose, that can be seen on her website, heartsofpurpose.com

Gail and Jerry Nordskog live in Ventura, California, where they have raised six children, four of whom were adopted from China.

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3 reviews for Hearts of Purpose

  1. Deana Dick

    From the cover of the book to the wonderful stories between the pages, you will find adventure, Gods truth, and women who are fierce. I loved each story and how the author brought them to life as I read the words of these amazing women. I am glad I was able to read a book like this one that captures the bravery and desire to share God’s word through the eyes of women who fought for what was right and just.

    I cried as I read Mary Ann Ambroselli’s account of her upbringing. She shared her pain and hurt as she had to make a very heart-wrenching decision. I love the way her story will speak to many women who have or will go through the same thing. The struggles she faced to survive each day was so powerful. I have often asked if God really cared many times. When I saw those words in her story, I immediately felt an overwhelming sense of peace. I now know that I’m not the only one that questions where God is sometimes. I appreciate her sharing about a subject that for many are hard to talk about. Everything she felt was real and emotional. Anytime we do something that is against God we feel shame, regret, guilt, and a sense of worthlessness. This story is one I will hold close to my heart. She gave me insight that I lacked and a way to overcome my past.

    Each story in this book is about women who are making a difference in others and sharing their testimony with strength and hope. I could share about each woman, but I want the readers to feel the impact I felt as I sat and soaked in their words. I am so thankful that we have people who are not afraid to boldly go into the world and share God’s love. In this book, I believe some will find healing and peace. For others, it may encourage them to do what God has called them to do.

    I received a copy of this book from The BookClub Network. The review is my own opinion.


    I also posted my review on Amazon. It is not showing up yet, but hopefully, you will see it on Amazon soon.

  2. Susan P.

    First off, I adore how this looks and feels like a fancy classic book with its hard cover and beautifully classical design. The pages are stiffer than normal paper, thus making it more durable and perfect for gift giving! Now, for the stories themselves, there are no words to express correctly, although I will try to find some. The heart wrenching, beautifully poignant, yet so uplifting personal testimonies remind you that God is faithful and hears our cries! You will cry, laugh, smile, scream, and hurt right along with these women as you read about their lives. Each story ends with discussion questions to challenge you further. The results of this book are exactly as the back blurb declares: inspire and encourage you to fulfill your God-ordained purpose! You will never regret giving this book a chance and sharing it with others who may have lost their way or feel God isn’t listening. I’m already thinking of many whom I would like to gift this to!

    I received this from Bookfun.org and this is my own personal opinion.

  3. Anne L. Rightler

    Hearts of Purpose is a compilation of stories of ten women who have trusted God with their dreams and have become the hands and feet of Christ to hurting people around the world. The book begins with an imaginative interview with Joan of Arc and the woman who presents these real-life accounts, Gail G. Nordskog.

    The book itself is a hardback book with glossy pages and beautiful color pictures throughout. After each story, Nordskog has a list of discussion questions to help the reader personalize some of the things the women shared in their stories. The storytelling is excellent, the first person narratives flow well and are easy to read. From orphanages in China, India, and Africa to a pregnancy center in California, from Youth With a Mission medical ships to stroke rehab centers and wheelchair ministries in the Ukraine and to clinics in Ethiopia where people seek treatment for Mossy Foot disease, these ten ordinary women are ministering to impoverished orphans, special-needs children, women and men in desperate situations all over the world. Each of them has learned to follow the prompting of the Holy Spirit and allow God to minister through them, even as they struggled with hard things in their own personal lives, such as cancer, blindness, insecurities, guilt from past decisions and dysfunctional families. Ordinary women who have been able to do extraordinary things because they chose to say ‘yes’ to a God who supplies and enables. A wonderfully inspirational book.

    I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author through Book Club network. A favorable review was not required and opinions are my own.

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