Psycho-Heresy: Christianizing Pagan Psychologies


Almost all American evangelical colleges and seminaries have embraced some form of the 400 conflicting psychological therapies and 10,000 conflicting psycho-therapeutic techniques. Psychotherapists comprise the pastoral departments of most major, conservative seminaries. Consequently, much contemporary evangelical preaching and most pastoral counseling are dominated by psychological themes, such as: self-esteem; the meeting of psychological “needs”; the gospel as unconditional and undemanding love; inner healing and self-love as the keys to personal transformation; etc. Many healing and prayer ministries focus on the healing of memories and freeing from addictions and codependencies.

But can the integration of Christianity with pagan psychologies withstand the scrutiny of the Biblical worldview (including a Biblical theory of knowledge, the impossibility of science arriving at truth, etc.) and sound theology? The answers may surprise you. The implications are breathtaking.

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