A Place for Farmer and Emile


By John and Patty Probst

Farmer could not have dreamed of a better life. The newly claimed homestead is like a piece of heaven for the Trevor family. Happy days are filled with friends, visiting family, and precious moments in their newly found church. The homesteaders have created a bond that far surpasses earthly friendships. The Lord has truly blessed them. But dark days lie ahead. The Great Depression followed by a terrible war strike at the very heart of Farmer and Emile’s faith. The world has become an evil enemy that threatens to separate family and rip them apart. Can they survive? Will happier times ever return? Follow the Trevor family and the residents of Douglas Landing through a desperate, tragic, and exciting portion of history. The continuing saga of the Trevors carries the dramatic feel of an epic and will leave a lasting impression on the heart and mind of the reader.

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