The American Indian

A Standing Indictment against Christianity and Statism in America


By R. J. Rushdoony

Long before state health care or food stamps, before the creation of welfare ghettoes in our major cities, America’s first experiment with socialism and government dependency practically destroyed the American Indian.

In 1944, young R. J. Rushdoony arrived at the Duck Valley Indian Reservation in Nevada as a missionary to the Shoshone and the Paiute Indians. For eight years he lived with them, worked with them, ministered to them, and listened to their stories. He came to know them intimately, both as individuals and as a people.

It is the story of an experiment that failed, disastrously—an exercise in statist paternalism and ineffective Christian meddling. Their effects ravage the Indians to this day. This is Rushdoony’s eyewitness testimony to that failure.

We’d do well to reconsider this first experiment in government dependency and a Christianity stripped of God’s law—before all of the United States is transformed into a massive reservation on a continental scale. Rushdoony’s description of our past is an indictment of our statist future.

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