Prepare a Room

A Path to Peace and Healing for Those Hurt by Abortion


By Michelle Shelfer

For those suffering in heart, mind, and spirit after an abortion experience, help is offered here. A culture of denial about the traumatic effects of abortion has left many women and men trapped in regret, shame, and self-condemnation about their experience. How can those who have been traumatized by this deeply wounding scourge find a doorway to freedom and hope? Michelle Shelfer offers a ten-step path to peace and healing that addresses the damage done to identity and relationships by abortion and offers real-life tools to restore what has been broken. Embark on a journey that honors your unique story and opens the door to joyful restoration through discovery of the greatest love.

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A must read for everyone! The author Michelle Shelfer amazed me with her words of clarity, value, and love for humanity. This book will transform your thinking about yourself, and how disappointments can be used for something greater in life. It’s “Time2Heal,” as I would say to my clients. Thank you Michelle, for explaining the steps to a new purpose in life, by preparing an eternal, beautiful room in our hearts.

Trish Steele, Founder, Safe Passage/Time2Heal

This book on helping those who have had or been associated with an abortion is easy to read and would make a wonderful basis for a Bible study on forgiveness for individuals or groups.

Bev Cielnicky, President, Crusade for Life

As a woman who has personally experienced abortion, it was a joy to have tea with this author while preparing the rooms. This book not only offers the hope of healing for those suffering the guilt and shame of abortion, but it also addresses relationships and other important issues. Most importantly, it points to the “greatest love,” which is the love of Jesus by His sacrifice on the cross for our sins!

I recommend this book to counselors helping the post-abortive or to individuals seeking healing from abortion, and also to those wanting a better understanding of the effects of abortion.

Mary Ann Ambroselli, 25-year Executive Director, Ventura County Pregnancy Center and 23-year Counselor/Leader, Healing Hearts Ministries

Ready for reality? It doesn’t get more real than the journey you are about to take with Michelle Shelfer in Prepare a Room. Having personally experienced the pain in abortion, she courageously shares the path to “greatest love.” Now a mother and grandmother, she will gently lead you through the reconstruction of your life by preparing the “new rooms” you will need for this life-transforming reality. If at some point in this journey you feel that you can’t go forward, go to her personal story at the end of this book and find new reasons to continue on. New life is awaiting you as you follow the path that Michelle has so carefully prepared for you!

Gaylord Enns, Author of Love Revolution: Rediscovering the Lost Command of Jesus

At our prenatal clinic, we often see women who face past abortions and miscarriages, or who have even suffered a stillbirth. Sometimes our patients are considering abortion because their current situation isn’t a healthy one in which to raise a child. No two women’s stories are the same. Having this book will give us a great resource, a book full of hope, a lifeline to offer any woman, and a way to help her see beyond her past decisions with a future hope.

I highly recommend Michelle Shelfer’s very well written, moving book for anyone working with post-abortive people.

And I will give you a new heart, and a new spirit I will put within you. And I will remove the heart of stone from your flesh and give you a heart of flesh. (Ezekiel 36:26)

Robin Strom, Executive Director, Marin Pregnancy Clinic

Finally! I have many counseling opportunities to care for couples and individuals who have suffered with the guilt and shame of abortion. Though I share the love, mercy, and forgiveness of God in our Messiah, still there was always a need for a testimony of love, warm acceptance, practical advice, and the Good News for hurting people, from a woman who walked that trail of tears and came through it as an instrument of God’s joy, help, and healing. Michelle Shelfer is that woman, and this book is finally the much-needed resource for those in my situation who want desperately to help those who are hurting the most.

Thank you, Michelle, for helping to address this great need in our society with compassion, kindness, and clarity, as you wonderfully “speak the truth in love” to all who are willing to take the time to open their hearts to Yeshua’s amazing love and grace!

Dr. Sam Nadler, Author; President, Word of Messiah Ministries and Congregation leader, Hope of Israel Congregation, Charlotte, NC

This is a book that will touch many lives! With compassionate candor, Michelle Shelfer explores eternal realities and temporal trials in a way that will open the reader’s heart to a “big-picture” view of life on  earth. She draws on historical precedents, cultural nuances, and personal testimony in a heartfelt, easy-to-read style. This is a tremendous resource to anyone dealing with grief and loss and who is looking for true love.

Myles Weiss, MA MFT

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Michelle Shelfer lives with her husband of thirty-nine years in Northern California and loves to tend to her four chickens and twelve grandchildren. She provides musical leadership at her place of worship and is currently managing editor at Nordskog Publishing Inc.
Michelle was raised in a secular Jewish family in San Francisco. She was the child of bohemian artist parents, one of whom escaped the Holocaust. Michelle studied the arts, gaining a Masters degree in Motion Picture Animation from UCLA and going on to work in the field of educational software. She has produced award-winning, internationally screened animations and has released four musical recordings of her original compositions.
Michelle seeks to see the many men and women hurt by abortion healed and restored. She brings her own personal experience with abortion—with compassion, insight, and practical guidance—in the hopes that those who have been hurt will find relief and new life. Look for her Foundlings Abortion Memorial Quilt at

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4 reviews for Prepare a Room

  1. Team Titus

    This book is such a resource for those who need healing from abortion. Michelle invites you into her home for some tea and opens up about her story and how she found healing. Prepare a Room gives you the steps to look at your situation and see that there is healing and forgiveness after abortion. What an important message!

  2. Anonymous

    Every chapter moving, especially the ones on love and healthy sexuality.

  3. Tamzherenow

    This is a must read for anyone who has experienced having an abortion. The grief and loss issues related to abortion are not really talked about in our society and this author does a great job addressing that in a raw and personal way. Also, it is not just for women as men should read this to. I highly recommend.

  4. Anonymous

    When I was young, I had the attitude that if I ever got pregnant and didn’t want to be, I’d simply have an abortion. I thought nothing of it. This attitude probably came from a liberal atmosphere in my upbringing though the subject was never mentioned.
    One time, a friend briefly mentioned that she had had an abortion. It was not the actual topic of conversation. By that time in my life, I did not believe in aborting. But my friend just skimmed over the subject assuming I felt the same way she did. This really struck me and has stayed with me. Assuming others are like you or me is yet another way the topic is NOT discussed.
    Although we as a culture are encouraged to delve into our histories and work through them, abortion doesn’t seem to be included in therapy or personal growth of any kind.
    I would not be the mother of my [adopted] daughter if she had been aborted. Her bio mom was Catholic and abortion was not ok. What a beautiful life would have been extinguished before it ever had a chance to be.

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