Exposing Universalism: A Comprehensive Guide…


Exposing Universalism: A Comprehensive Guide to the Faulty Appeals Made by Universalists Paul Young, Brian McLaren, Rob Bell, and Others Past and Present to Promote a New Kind of Christianity

Paul Young, Brian McLaren, Rob Bell, and others past and present seek to promote a new kind of false Christianity, which is just old paganism. In recent decades universal reconciliation (UR) has sharpened its attack on evangelical faith.

Through his acquaintance with Paul Young, DeYoung is increasingly concerned that Young and other universalists are misleading many. In this book DeYoung challenges all the arguments that universalists make—their appeals to the Bible, to logic and reason, and to church history—and shows that they are unconvincing.

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By their fiction and nonfiction, and by film (The Shack), universalists such as Paul Young, Brian McLaren, Rob Bell, and others are propagating the idea that the love of God trumps all other attributes of God including his holiness and justice. From this starting point universalists believe that all people are born as children of God, that all are going to heaven, that all must embrace God’s love. Those who reject God in this life will repent after death and escape hell. Even the devil and his angels will repent from hell and go to heaven.

Universalism is an old idea. Christians have confronted UR since the third century and refuted it as heresy—heresy because UR believes that faith in Jesus is unnecessary. Thus, the death of Jesus Christ as an atonement for sin becomes unnecessary.

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James DeYoung is Senior Professor of New Testament at Western Seminary, Portland, Oregon, and lives on a small farm in Damascus, Oregon, where he has served as a city councilor. He and his wife, Patricia Ann, have four children and twelve grandchildren.

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