Terror in Ohio: How Does a Muslim “Self-Radicalize”?

randal-terryGuest essay by Randall A. Terry

The path to “self-radicalization” by “lone wolves” can be explained and understood if one studies the material that men like Ohio State Muslim terrorist Abdul Razak Ali Artan are reading.

Studies have shown – and often the testimony of lone wolves confirms – that they read three main genres of Muslim literature on the path to “self-radicalization.”

1)   The Quran

2)   The Haddith

3)   The Siras

The Quran
Muslims believe that the Quran is the Word of God—an exact duplicate (in Arabic) as the Quran that exists in heaven with Allah. In Arabic, it is taught to be flawless. Islam teaches that the Angel Gabriel gave the Quran to Muhammad over a twenty-year span in Arabia.

Islam also teaches that the Jews were given the Torah by Allah through Moses, and that Christians were given the Gospel by Allah through Jesus, but that scribes, priests, and monks altered and corrupted these sacred texts over the centuries. Thus, Allah gave humanity the Quran to “correct the errors of time.”

Where the Quran and passages of the Old or New Testaments disagree with each other, Islam teaches that the Quran is to be believed, and the Bible rejected. While the so-called “sword verses” of the Quran are troubling, it is actually the next two bodies of Islamic literature that play the most prominent and dangerous role in Islamic Terrorism – the Haddith and the Siras.

The Haddith
Haddith are the written record of Muhammad’s words and deeds that are not in the Quran. Multiple Haddith collections are massive in size and scope, scores of large volumes containing millions of words. The Haddith collections of Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim are considered “canonical” (Sahih means “true.) I.e., they are above reproach or suspicion, and are to be believed.

The Haddith collections of Bukhari and Muslim are foundational to all of Islam, and are a main source of Islamic Sharia Law. They contain extensive records of Muhammad’s battles, those he ordered killed, his treatment of women and girls, his conflict with Jews, etc.  When a Muslim terrorist reads these Haddith collections, he knows what Muhammad wants him to do, because he is imitating the deeds of Muhammad, the Founder of Islam, who Muslims believe is the best example of true devotion to God.

The Siras—or the biographies of Muhammad
The oldest and most respected Sira on Muhammad is “The Life of Muhammad”, by Ibn Ishaq, written over 1,200 years ago, translated into English by A. Guillaume. The next two most prominent and respected Muslim biographers are Ibn Kathir, (“The Life of the Prophet Muhammad,” 4-Volumes) and al-Tabari (“The History of al-Tabari,” 39 volumes.)  Kathir and al-Tabari wrote their biographies based heavily on Ishaq’s work, as well as various Haddith collections, with frequent references to the Quran as well.

These three bodies of literature – especially the Haddith and the Siras – are the fountains from which lone wolves drink, and then all too often “self radicalize.” Even if they turn to ISIS or al-Qaeda, their terrorist mentors in those groups are quoting the Haddith and the Siras to recruit young men and women to violence.

If someone reads the literature sacred to Islam, gets inside the narrative of Islamic thought, and accepts the premise that Muhammad was ‘the Apostle of God’ – the greatest prophet who ever lived – then the murderous path of lone wolves makes perverted sense.

We can only know our enemy – what motivates them and what they hope to achieve by terrorist acts – if we learn the narrative that inspires them: the life of Muhammad. We can know what Artan was thinking, because we can read the stories of battle and death he was reading for his “inspiration.”

On a personal note, I have spent over 10 years studying primary Islamic sources to understand Islamic thought, and Islamic terrorism. I have never read a book against Islam, or against Muhammad. I hold a Masters Degree in Diplomacy, with a concentration in International Terrorism from Norwich University, where a large part of my research in International Terrorism was in the connection between Muhammad’s words and deeds, and the words and deeds of Muslim Terrorists.

What I found was stark and deeply troubling. Muslim terrorists have not hijacked the peaceful religion of Islam; they are imitating Muhammad – the founder of Islam.

Muhammad boldly said that his use of terror and the theft of property (spoils) was a special gift from Allah to him: “I have been given superiority over the other prophets…I have been made victorious with terror (cast in the hearts of the enemy)…spoils have been made lawful to me…” (See Bukhari, Book #52, Hadith #220 ; Muslim, Book #004, Hadith #1062; Book #004, Hadith #1063)

The record of Muhammad’s words and deeds that motivate Islamic terrorism is extensive, and unambiguous.


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Randall Terry is the well-known Christian activist, founder of Operation Rescue, and author. He hosts the web-based TV show Randall Terry: Voice of Resistance, airing on The Walk TV and streamed from his website Voice of Resistance. With a Masters Degree in Diplomacy and a Concentration in International Terrorism, and 25 years experience as a TV and radio host—Randall Terry is eminently qualified to speak on the subject.

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