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Personhood Amendments: A Righteous Battle for Life

by Randall Terry, Founder, Society for Truth and Justice, and Operation Rescue In the middle of Missy Smith’s heroic effort to run TV ads in DC showing aborted babies (see ads at and help her if you can!) another battle is raging. It concerns the personhood amendment efforts in several states. The goal of these initiatives is to declar.....
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Abortion and Obama: My Broken Heart and Angry Heart

by RANDALL A. TERRY FOUNDER, OPERATION RESCUE & THE SOCIETY FOR TRUTH AND JUSTICE Dear Friend and Fellow Pro-lifer, I confess: My heart is broken, and angry. I ask you to read this, to pray, and to act. I have literally wept over the compromise and outright treachery we are witnessing from certain evangelical and Catholic clergy, leaders, and so-called “thinkers” – Christians who claim to be pro-life bu.....
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