What Would Muhammad Do? Islamic Terrorism Explained

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To understand Muslim terrorists, study their prophet Mohammad. Muslim terrorists have not hijacked a “peaceful religion.” ISIS follows the orders of its founder.

Randall Terry offers this most important and succinct analysis of the Islam religion, with plentiful references from the Islamic holy books. With colorful graphics and historic references, he carefully reveals What Would Muhammad Do by what Muhammad actually did.

These four DVDs, containing over 8 hours of powerful material, could change the course of history. Watch the first Episode free (link below).

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Whether murdering in Jihad, using captured women as sex slaves, killing cartoonists, beheading hostages, killing apostates, or making unending attacks on Jews, Muslim terrorists have not hijacked a “peaceful religion.” In reading sacred Islamic texts, we must reach one conclusion: ISIS follows the orders of its founder.

Randall Terry—who holds a Masters Degree in Diplomacy with a Concentration in International Terrorism, and with his 25 years experience as a TV and radio host—is eminently qualified to speak on the subject.

Peer Reviews
“‘What Would Muhammad Do?’ is the best Movie Series/TV production on the life of Muhammad and Islamic terrorism that has ever been produced. The ultimate weapon to defeat Islamic terror – oddly enough – is the record of Muhammad’s life, the Founder of Islam. ‘What Would Muhammad Do?’ (WWMD?) shows us Muhammad in easy to understand lessons. WWMD? is more than recommended, it is a necessity if we are to understand Islam and Islamic terrorism…and then defeat it.”
— Dr. Bill Warner
Author; “Sharia Law for Non-Muslims,” and “The Life of Muhammad,” (and 13 other books on Islam and Islamic terrorism.)

“‘What Would Muhammad Do?’ offers a comprehensive analysis of Islam, with plentiful references – not only from the Qu’ran – but also the often ignored Haddith and biographies on Muhammad, which are studied by terrorists. With colorful graphics and extensive historic references, Randall Terry proves that Muslim terrorists are following Muhammad’s example in word and deed.”
— Gerald Nordskog
CEO, Nordskog Publishing

“Randall Terry’s 10 part documentary ‘What Would Muhammad Do?’ (WWMD?) is a visually engaging masterpiece explaining the truth about Islam. WWMD? uses primary Islamic sources (Quran, Hadiths, and Siras) to definitively spell out Islamic doctrine. This spectacular documentary is the best I’ve seen…perfect for students, persons of all faiths – including Muslims – who will find it even more revealing!”
— Lt Col Roy White (ret)
Chapter Coordinator, ACT! for America San Antonio

“I learned more from What Would Muhammad Do? about Islam and Islamic terrorism than I’ve learned from everything I ever read and watched in my entire life.”
— John Moore
Author, Speaker and Radio Talk-Show Host

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2 reviews for What Would Muhammad Do? Islamic Terrorism Explained

  1. Mark Ramsower

    Very good dvd set. Everyone needs to watch the informative dvd set. Good knowledge for our current violent Muslim problems. Understand Muslim thinking ingrained in Muslims from childhood. 1400 year old religion cannot be allowed in 21st century life. Islam needs the light of day.

  2. Emily

    Sorry to inform everyone watching this DVD ; every single information in this DVD is 100% wrong. I did studied Islam for 12 years never heard or raid about The killing stories by prophet Muhammad’s ordered.
    The founder of this DVD and others who hate Islam was unable to judge the holly book of Quran .they turne it around at prophet Muhmmad.
    However, by doing this you spreeding hate and none since among intelegants,smarts and kinds American nation.

    • Ron Kirk

      Dear Emily, thank you for reading our Publisher’s Corner articles. Please understand, there is no hate toward persons at all. We seek only to represent history as honestly and accurately as possible. And we are willing to discuss the topic. Islam’s overall history is not peaceful. We would hope that those who wish to stop the violent actions of those who call themselves Muslim would join us in seeking historic truth and distance themselves from the legacy of violence in the name of religion.–ed.

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