American Amnesia

Is America Paying the Price for Forgetting God, the Source of Our Liberty?


By Dr. Jerry Newcombe

With his latest book, American Amnesia, Dr. Jerry Newcombe continues to press the cause of Christ through his powerful commentary on current affairs from a Biblical worldview. He wields the mighty, healing weapons of God’s grace, love, and wisdom in this compilation of his essays syndicated on outlets such as, WorldNetDaily, Town Hall, Newsmax, and Christian Post, among others. 

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Part 1:  Remembering Our Nation’s Judeo-Christian Roots

Part 2: Renewing Our Role as Active Citizens

Part 3: Recovering Our Religious Liberty in the Face of a Militant Secularism

Praise for American Amnesia

America is in the middle of a great spiritual battle. Our weapons are spiritual. In American Amnesia, Jerry Newcombe fights back against the atheistic deconstruction of America with historic, Biblical truth. God will prevail.

Joseph Farah, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, WND Books, WND Films

You can’t have a nation built on freedom and personal responsibility without heaven’s core principles and a rule of law. The Biblical worldview is where we were founded as a nation and where we should return to as a nation. I am pleased to recommend Dr. Jerry Newcombe’s new book, American Amnesia because he speaks the truth in love.

Star Parker, Syndicated Columnist & President of CURE

Jerry Newcombe is one of the foremost Christian commentators on American culture and government today. His modern insights are uniquely combined with his knowledge and understanding of America’s history, making his commentaries especially important reading for anyone who wants to keep our nation free and prosperous. As Benjamin Franklin once told a Philadelphia matron, our Founders established a free republic. Keeping that republic free is our challenge as Americans today, and Newcombe has an important and unique understanding of that challenge. This book should be required reading for all politicians and for any citizens interested in keeping America true to the values and goals on which our nation was founded.

David Gibbs III, President and General Counsel, National Center for Life and Liberty

Jerry Newcombe is one of the most consistent voices defending the foundational significance of Biblical Christianity and the Judeo-Christian tradition for understanding the American experiment in Liberty. I highly commend this book, given its clarity, coherence, and insightful commentary on contemporary culture and the controversies that flame in the public square. If you care about America and the Christian’s vital role in civil society, read this book with care and pass it on to many others as well!

Dr. Peter A. Lillback, Co-author of George Washington’s Sacred Fire; President, The Providence Forum; President, Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia

One well-accepted truism is that “ideas have consequences.” True also is that those ideas are “culturally-codified” by the choices we make. Said another way: “Ideas have little consequence until you act upon them.” This reality is exemplified by the rise, and some say the ongoing decline, of Western Civilization, based upon its initial embrace and subsequent rejection of absolute truth.

In antiquity, Procurator Pontius Pilate responded to Christ’s claim of having come to “testify to the truth” with the now-clichéd response: “What is truth?” In our day, such rhetorical argumentation has been replaced by the very real and deadly consequences of denying that truth.

It is this latter-day reality that Dr. Jerry Newcombe explores in a powerful series of essays titled American Amnesia. In them, Newcombe’s trenchant analysis helps us make important connections between the active rejection of God’s truth and a culture that seems to be on moral life support. In doing so, Newcombe proves the Churchillian axiom: “The farther you look back, the farther forward you can see.”

Frank Wright, Ph.D., President & CEO, D. James Kennedy Ministries

Newcombe writes to the heart, both the heart of the issue he’s addressing and, more importantly, right to the heart of the reader. Highly recommended!

Carole Adams, Founder and Board Member, Stone Bridge School; President, Foundation for American Christian Education, Chesapeake, Virginia

Jerry Newcombe’s new book is not only must reading, but a timeless tool to help discover God’s solutions to the urgent dilemmas of our day. Jerry weaves into his writing his lifelong study of history with Biblical insights. It is much like a recipe book—not for food, but for successful decision making on real culture-changing, life-changing issues.

Marshall Foster, Founder and President of World History Institute

Jerry Newcombe’s book American Amnesia is a “must-read” for Americans frustrated with the evil machinations of the political Left in America and the passivity of many Americans—especially Christians—toward this rising evil.

Donald McAlvany, Intelligence News Writer, Author, and Missionary

What happens when a nation forgets about God? We can see that in history, and we are seeing it here in America. Jerry Newcombe brings together a collection of his columns that remind us of our history and focus on our current political debates. And a key element has been the attack on religious liberty in general and attacks on Christianity in particular. American Amnesia reminds us of the heavy price we pay when we forget about God.

Kerby Anderson, President, Probe Ministries; host, Point of View radio talk show

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