President Trump Lifted Gag Order

Guest essay by Bill Falling

Last week, President Trump lifted the “Gag Order” off the church, and the non-profit organizations from political activity.  Preachers and Pastors, along with University Presidents can endorse candidates for public office, and can verbally oppose corrupt candidates for public office.  This should have been a cause of celebration in every Christian Church in America.  it was not.  I only heard one pastor even mention it over the week-end of the many churches and ministries that I monitor.  That exposes a dirty little secret within the church.  According to The Barna Group, that surveys 450 churches every day, less than three percent (3%) of pastors surveyed ever speak about social issues from the pulpit, although over 90% personally embrace a conservative view of the same issues.  In addition, in a February, 2017 survey of Evangelical Leaders, 89% of the pastors surveyed stated that they oppose pastors endorsing candidates from the pulpit. Think of that!!!  Even in a Hillary v Trump campaign, pastors are opposed to endorsing a candidate.  This betrays their very calling, and exposes a great victory for the devil.  No such position was embraced in our three-hundred-year history prior to the last fifty years.  Herein lies the problem. According to Romans 13, governmental office holders are ordained ministers of God.  It is imperative that Christian Leaders help the Christian People understand the issues in the political arena and expose where candidates stand on the issues.  Even the dog-catcher has an opinion on abortion.  If he is not pro-life, this is the place to defeat him for office, because his political ambitions go far beyond being a dog-catcher. The local City Attorney has an opinion on same-sex marriage.  If he opposes God’s definition of marriage, of one man and one woman, he should not be promoted to the District Attorney.

I live in a community (San Diego County) where the District Attorney is a lesbian, along with the Chief of Police.  The District Attorney plans to run for higher office.  Should the pastors of the over 2,000 Churches in this community get involved in endorsing candidates in the next election?  Of course, they should.  Will they? Probable not, since they usually don’t, and have stated in the above survey that they do not agree that they should.  This needs to change.  America needs a national spiritual awakening beginning within the church, and in the pulpits.  The definition of spiritual warfare by the last generation of Church Leaders never even mentioned politics or the battle for ideas, when that is how God defines it (II Cor. 10: 4,5).  I have been encouraged to start another church, and teach and preach these things.  I want to start a movement, and I have already started another church.  This is it—The Internet Church, International.  You can join this church, and help support it with this message. 

The address is P.O. Box 440, Chula Vista, CA 91912.  Vote today for The Internet Church, International.  Billy Falling, Pastor and Headmaster, The Internet Church, International, P.O. Box 440, Chula Vista, CA 91912. P.s. I endorse candidates.

Billy Falling is pastor and headmaster, The Internet Church, International, P.O. Box 440, Chula Vista, CA 91912. He is Pastor Emeritus of Faith Center of Escondido, a citizen of the Cherokee Nation, and the author of My Cherokee Roots: Out of the Dog Creek Hills.

This article is from a circular news release email addressed to Jerry Nordskog, May 8, 2017.

© 2017 Used by Permission

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