My Cherokee Roots: Out of the Dog Creek Hills


“Riveting and highly entertaining; couldn’t put it down. Laughed, cried, learned and motivated to buy several copies as gifts for my friends.”—Tessa D.

“I was…blown away. I think it will have that impact on anyone who reads it.”—Julia C. PhD, UC Davis, Trial Council Member, Cherokee Nation

From the Cherokee reservation through a family tragedy, Bill Falling lives a dramatic life that experiences the transformation he shares with the world.

From the Introduction:

Life in the Dog Creek Hills was tough in the ’30s and ’40s…This is where my full-blood Cherokee Indian Grandmother was born in 1883…Whether you were a land owner, or a Too Late, a forced poverty was to be your lot.

For the first fourteen years of my life, I lived full throttle, flaps up, and flying at the speed of sound. I crash-landed to the sound of a shotgun blast…

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