It Feels like Christmas Coming

white-knight-3D-cropAnd so they hacked at the brambles and saplings that had overgrown the woodsy path. Sir Michael’s sword was fearsome looking and it made Clara feel safe. She was very glad they were not alone on this return journey. Picking up Snowy, she began to stroke her furry whiteness and to chit chat. The cat pleaded with her mistress in her sweet meowy voice, “Deary, could you pick these stickers off my fur. It hurts my tongue to lick them clean.” After stopping to do her best for Snowy’s fur troubles, she put her down and hurried to catch up with Sir Michael and Ian. She wrapped her cloak more tightly as the air was growing colder. It had a certain feel of winter coming, like October in Minnesota. That was always an exciting thought, because then came Christmas. She felt happy as she fell in beside Ian.

“Well then, young Majesty, let us talk a bit of life in the Great City. Much of your activity there will depend on what you do in your world. You have chosen to follow the White Knight. You must number your days while in this brief mortal state. Your life is fleeting. Believe me, I know this because I have watched many lifetimes come and go. One day soon you will fight your last battle, so be wise, my prince. Wisdom will everywhere call to you, in the city streets, on the roadways, and from the houses. But you must heed her.”

—Excerpt from Nordskog Publishing title The White Knight, the Lost Kingdom, and the Longing Heart, by Judy Carlson

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