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We present this issue to bring light to some of the basic prescriptions of the Qur’an, the Hadith, the satanic Sharia Law and the teachings and the terrorizing actions of Mohammed. I urge you to view the video DVD series What Would Muhammad Do? offered in this Nine-Eleven edition. Study this offering to find out how the Islam founder (considered by Muslims as a prophet) compares with the teaching and the life of Jesus of Nazareth, the King of kings and Lord of lords. (We offer this DVD in limited quantities below at a large discount).

TBR has no quarrel with westernized (Christianized), so-called peaceful Islam devotees, who know the Ten Commandments of the Bible, have assimilated willingly into the culture of America, and abide by and believe in the U.S. Constitution. (We do wonder, though, why they still accept Islam and its teachings, except perhaps they have failed to study the roots and foundations as taught and lived-out by their founder 14 centuries ago.)

This special edition is not only for these western-cultural Muslims. We also pray that all Americans would better understand Islam and the extremist-terrorist ISIS/ISIL. Everyone should know the truth of the faithful Muslims in different eras of history—the fundamentalists who followed their founder Mohammed’s life from Mecca (peaceful) to Medina (radical-tyrannical). These devout Qur’anic Muslims created the numerous Caliphates that destroyed property, societies and nations over the centuries. This destruction occurred across the entire Middle East and Mediterranean region, except where, by Providence, valiant warriors stopped them.

We hope that the assortment of articles TBR includes here will give you a well-rounded picture of this religion (so-called) of terror plaguing the world; and lead all readers to consider repenting and following Jesus, the Christ, the Second Person of the true Triune Godhead (not Allah who is a false and counterfeit deity from the mind of Mohammed). I also invite you to purchase copies of the NPI book The Virgin Mary for a true depiction of the mother of Jesus, written by an Arab Christian to help Muslims learn the truth about her and her son Jesus Christ.

Christianity will prevail over Islam as prophesied in the Word of God, the Holy Scriptures. Consistent Biblical Christianity is the true religion of peace. Christ is the Prince of Peace. Meanwhile Islam has proved in recorded history to be the terror of the world. Best you read these essays below, and order a copy of the Randall Terry DVD. I pray for peace to prevail in this sin-infected world. As American Christians may we rise up again and engage in the culture and propound the truth from the Bible.
—Gerald Christian Nordskog, Publisher

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