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Open Letter to Senator Cruz

Dear Senator Cruz, First, I commend you for the principles of Conservatism and Constitutionalism and Americanism you spoke of last evening at the Republican National Convention. Second, as a (fellow) Christian, your Christianity might be carefully considered with regard to the following verses: Re: your pledge to endorse and support the eventual GOP nominee for […]

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By Gerald Christian Nordskog—“Jerry” of Ventura, California, USA President/Owner of Nordskog Publishing Inc.—Publisher of Christian books: “Meaty, tasty, and easily digestible Biblical treasures!” Dr. Francis Nigel Lee (5 December 1934—23 December 2011) My friend Dr. Lee was one in a million, a diamond of the brightest quality, an amazing scholar who earned a huge number […]

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To: Letters@Ventura County Star From: Gerald Christian Nordskog Re: Time to finally put the birther dispute to rest (June 2, 2012) Agreed: Time for President’s Eligibility Issue to Get Fair Hearing This short-sighted editorial unjustly dismisses evidence. Why not full disclosure? Is this outcome based journalism? The term “antics” applies not to those seeking TRUTH, […]

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Solemn Assembly in Ventura County, California 2002 — A Case Study

by Gerald Christian Nordskog Shortly after 9/11/01, the Lord began to work on my heart about the country’s need for repentance. I began reading some of Richard Owens Roberts’ and Coalition on Revival (COR) materials. The burden got heavier during the autumn as I continued to pray about it. I asked for prayer and got […]

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The Myth of Abe Lincoln – Celebrate George Washington

By Gerald Christian (“Jerry”) Nordskog Abraham Lincoln is often cited as “one of our greatest presidents” and that he still speaks today.  Hardly. Granted, Old Abe was a great speechmaker, and could apparently captivate an audience with his rhetoric, yet much of what he said and wrote he failed to demonstrate in his actions. For […]

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‘Gay marriage’ – anything but gay

By Gerald Christian Nordskog, with Dr. Ted Baehr and Dr. Tom Snyderas Published on “Gay marriage” is a huge misnomer, an inane, arbitrary and deviant oxymoron created bymisguided, narcissistic, disingenuous malcontents. Gaiety (as in “Gay Paris”) is certainly not the homosexual life (or death) style. And, marriage isa holy, monogamous love relationship between a […]

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