The Culture of Death

The value that a society places on life determines the value of that society. For over 46 years, to the shame of our nation, the culture of death has been allowed to reign. The most innocent, those deserving of our greatest protection, have been allowed to be brutally slaughtered in the name of “a woman’s right to choose.”

Many in society have been deceived as to the true motives of the abortion industry and Planned Parenthood. The darkness of a philosophy that can justify valuing one human over another — be it slaveholder over slave, be it Nazi over Jew, or mother over her own unborn child — such justification to devalue innocent life, once embraced, can know no limits. The barbaric testimony by both Virginia Delegate Kathy Tran and Virginia Governor Ralph Northam show how far their side is willing to go to justify the killing of babies and should not be a shock to any of us. Their positions are the result of what comes from embracing a culture of death.

Delegate Tran, to her credit, testified honestly about what her bill could allow should it pass — the killing of a fully formed, fully viable baby as it is being delivered. This testimony proves that abortion has never been about the rights of a woman not to have to carry a baby. Medical science is such that viability continues to be a moving target, and yet as viability has continued to move younger and younger, the push by the pro-abortion activists has been to move the right of the woman to kill her baby later and later. This fact should expose the hypocrisy of the anti-life movement.

Governor Northam is a pediatric neurologist. He is fully aware of the life these precious babies possess, and he is fully aware of how the medical profession is willing to kill children even after birth. His candor in expressing how easily these babies could be disposed of even after they are born exposes the deception of the abortion rights activists. This battle is not about the rights of the mother. It is about the unfettered right to kill unwanted babies at any point, inside or outside of the womb. To continue to protest that this battle is about a woman’s rights over her body is completely indefensible. How can anyone argue that this has anything to do with the woman’s body when “abortion rights” means the right to kill your baby even after it has been delivered.

For anyone to have such a calloused attitude of the value of babies or a cavalier acceptance of their destruction is shocking. But for such a person to be someone who is a pediatric doctor who is sworn to do no harm is shocking as to the values of many in the medical profession. The abortion lobby is now exposed in their desire to kill babies without any restraints.

So how did we get to this point in Virginia, where Thomas Jefferson penned that the first right given to us at the point of our creation was an “unalienable right to life.” The Biblical position on this issue is unmistakably clear. “For you created my inmost being, you knit me together in my mother’s womb; I’m fearfully and wonderfully made.”

Not too long ago, the Virginia legislature was controlled by an almost supermajority of professed prolife Republican delegates and senators. Had they seized the moment to relentlessly push forward legislation to protect babies, the policies to value life could have been established. Regrettably, this was not done.

Conversely, as soon as the Democrats got a fighting chance, they unabashedly pushed for everything. The moral of the lesson is that as Republicans we need to stop being afraid of fighting for the core principles that differentiate Republicans from Democrats. The base of our party is hungry for leadership. President Trump has proven that Americans are tired of politicians playing politics.

The success of our party depends on our willingness to vehemently advance the principals in our party platform, as does the future of our nation, not to mention millions of innocent lives. Hopefully, the horrors of the public discourse in Virginia of killing babies after birth will serve as a warning to other states not to follow in our footsteps of failing to act when there is any window of opportunity. Excuses of waiting for a more opportune moment serve to accomplish nothing but to keep us on the sidelines watching as innocent lives are barbarically ended.

I encourage everyone to see the movie “Unplanned,” even though it is very difficult to witness what is really happening at the hands of the abortion industry. It is obvious that while the precious babies being brutally murdered are clearly casualties of this war, the mothers, who are being lied to for mercenary reasons are also victims.

Other states should implement proactive steps like those currently being implemented in Virginia. The Virginia First Foundation will be asking all Republican candidates for statehouse to commit to sponsor and vote for the Heartbeat Bill. The candidates’ responses will be broadly disseminated to the pro-life community in Virginia for us to elect representation that not only says they value life, but who have committed to fight to protect life. After all, the value that a society places on life determines the value of that society.

When those connected with the culture of death continue to legitimize the infanticide of the born babies out of the womb as a “woman’s right to choose,” the underlying premise of abortion is fully exposed for all its brutality, savagery, and inhumanity. Surely, the humanity in the masses will ultimately push back against the evil deception in the hearts of those willing to inflict such pain and death.

Let it be our hope and prayer that as this truth comes to light that every person in the Democrat party who values life at all will make a speedy escape from that party. But let us be mindful of the fact that it is their inability or unwillingness to be sensitive to the pain of another that enables them to end innocent lives. So, I caution all of us to refrain from vilifying those who may still be caught in this deception. Let us rather pray for them to encounter love. Because while the emotions of selfishness, greed, and hate — that lead to the murder of these precious babies — are indeed very powerful, I am convinced that love always has been, and always will be, more powerful. 

The original of this article appeared in the Eagle Forum Report, May 2019, Volume 3, Number 5, Eagle Forum.

Cynthia Dunbar, former Law Professor at Liberty University and RNC National Committeewoman for Virginia, served on the 2016 Platform Committee.

© 2020 Used by Permission

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