Media Revolution: A Battleplan to Defeat Mass Deception in America


We’ve been lied to. We’ve been lied to for more than fifty years by a powerful and pervasive media presence whose effects and influence we rarely question. These lies taint our thoughts and muddy our worldview so that often we cannot see the truth. This is the claim Brian Fisher, COO of KMA Direct Communications and President of Media Revolution Ministries, Inc. makes in his book, Media Revolution. But there is hope. Although the “media of mass deception” has been negatively influencing culture for more than five decades, it is now losing its monolithic grip on the flow of information in America. Technology has opened up the world of media influence in a historically pivotal way. The democratization of media now gives anyone who desires the opportunity to share truth with those captivated by lies and deception. The time of secular media domination has ended. The “media revolution” has begun!

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