President Trump’s Historic Accomplishment

What You Need to Know

Building Economic Prosperity

  • Created hottest economy in the world and will do so again following the interruption caused by coronavirus 
  • Passed historic tax cuts providing needed relief for American families and putting American businesses on a level playing field 
  • Created Opportunity Zones to spur investment and job creation in forgotten communities 
  • Restored American manufacturing, putting in place policies to bring back supply chains from overseas 

Historic Deregulation

  • Cut regulations at a historic pace to free up American businesses – meeting and far exceeding the promise to cut two regulations for every new one 
  • Ended the Obama Administration’s war on coal as promised, rolling back the so-called Clean Power Plan, WOTUS, stream protection rule, and other overregulation 
  • Replaced Obama Administration’s disastrous CAFE standards and rolled back burdensome Dodd-Frank provisions, as promised 

Lifting Up American Workers and Families

  • Put in place policies to lift up working families, including releasing the first presidential budget in history to include a national paid family leave plan 
  • Invested in workforce development to ensure American workers are prepared to gain high-paying, family-supporting jobs 
  • Promoted school choice to ensure all families have access to quality education for their children 

Achieving Fair and Balanced Trade

  • Withdrew from the Trans-Pacific Partnership to protect American jobs 
  • Negotiated monumental new or revised deals with Canada, Mexico, South Korea, Japan, and others that put American workers first 
  • Confronted China’s decades of trade abuses, placing tariffs on hundreds of billions of Chinese goods 
  • Put in place tariffs on foreign steel undermining critical American industries 

Unleashing American Energy

  • Freed American energy producers to conduct their business, leading to record oil and natural gas production and expanded energy exports 
  • Followed through on promise to approve new pipelines, including the Keystone and Dakota Access pipelines 
  • Withdrew from the job-killing Paris agreement

Protecting Our Nation

  • Rebuilt our military with historic investments in our defense and provided our troops the largest military pay raise in a decade 
  • Defeated ISIS’ territorial caliphate and brought terrorist leaders to justice, including ISIS’ leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi 
  • Restored American leadership in space and established the Space Force 
  • Took action to ensure America leads the way on the technologies of the future like AI and 5G 

Restoring American Leadership on the World Stage

  • Ended the disastrous Iran deal and reimposed strong sanctions on the regime 
  • Stood up for our ally Israel and followed through on the pledge to move the American embassy to Jerusalem 
  • Released a vision for peace and prosperity in the Middle East 
  • Successfully urged our NATO allies to increase their defense spending to meet their obligations 
  • Reversed the Obama administration’s disastrous Cuba appeasement policy 

Securing Our Borders

  • Following through on promise to build the wall, with hundreds of miles of wall built already and more on the way 
  • Took action to end the horrible catch and release policies driving the crisis at our border 
  • Put in place policies to shift immigration to a more merit-based system that protects American workers 
  • Prosecuted a record number of immigration-related crimes, cracked down on sanctuary cities, and enhanced vetting of individuals entering our country 
  • Enacted travel restrictions to protect the American homeland, upheld by the Supreme Court 
  • Took strong action to stop deadly drugs from coming across our borders 

Upholding Justice

  • Took action to combat violent crime, reinstated the Federal death penalty, and worked to restore safety to American cities and communities 
  • Launched a whole-of-government effort to combat the opioid crisis and cracked down on illicit fentanyl being brought in from China and Mexico 
  • Supported America’s law enforcement officials, providing them with surplus DoD equipment to keep them safe 
  • Enacted historic criminal justice reform to keep our communities safe and reduce recidivism 

Expanding Choice and Freedom in Healthcare

  • Ended the burdensome Obama-era individual mandate penalty 
  • Expanded lower cost coverage options such as AHPs and short-term plans 
  • Took action to protect and strengthen Medicare for seniors and reduced Medicare Advantage and Medicare Part D premiums 
  • Took action to drive down drug prices and protect American patients, including working to stop Americans from paying far more than patients in other countries 
  • Ensured Americans that his Administration would always protect those with pre-existing conditions 

Supporting Our Veterans

  • Enacted historic reforms at the VA to ensure our veterans get the care they deserve 
  • Delivered accountability to the VA and created a 24-7 White House veterans hotline, all as promised 
  • Thanks to the President’s efforts, VA satisfaction rose to record highs 

Standing Up for Life

  • Stood up for the sanctity of life by preventing taxpayer dollars from funding the abortion industry 
  • Reinstated and expanded the Mexico City Policy 
  • Took action to end Federal research using fetal tissue 
  • Protected Americans’ religious liberty and conscience rights 

Reshaping the Federal Judiciary

  • Appointed a record number of circuit court judges 
  • Appointed Supreme Court justices to uphold the Constitution as written 

See the White House video Three Years of Accomplishments

This presentation comes courtesy of Rudy Olivo, Deputy Director of Strategic Initiatives for the Vice President, The White House.  

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