In Memoriam: Nearing the Open Gate

By Annette Adams

Closer to timelessness, 
Farther from doubt, 
Closer to finding 
What life’s all about.

Closer to happiness, 
  Farther from fears,
Close to the time when 
  There’ll be no more tears.

Closer to Paradise, 
  Farther from sin, 
Close to that gate 
  Where the faithful walk in.

Closer to heaven— 
Our Jesus—The Word, 
Where Closer and Farther 
  Need no more be heard.

John 10:7-9—”Therefore Jesus said aqain, ‘! tell you the truth, I am the gate for the sheep. Whoever enters through Me will be saved.”

Annette Adams (December 31, 1925–June 28, 2019) She has entered the Gate. Paradise. Timelessness. Happiness. Heaven.

Poem taken from a collection entitled, by Annette Adams, written in anticipation of her going home to her Lord.  

Annette Adams, The Bell Ringer’s Poet Laureate as we appreciatively knew her began contributing her poems in 2009. Annette was the beloved wife of the late Lane Adams. She has gone to join her husband in the presence of their Savior. The poem we feature here is one of a series Annette wrote as she prepared her home-going entitled The Last Writes (© 2015 Annette Adams). 

Our publisher remembers:

Gail and I had an awesome visit with the Adams Family numerous years ago in the San Diego County at their hillside home for a lovely cooked meal by her. I received from Lane the gift of a book. Lane was an Ambassador for the Plymouth Rock Foundation and its vice president for several years. The Nordskog’s invited him to speak in Ventura, California after we moved from the San Fernando Valley in about 2005. The Adamses joined us at our table for dinner. Lane encouraged Christians to involve themselves in the culture, and learn about the history and heritage of America and its founding fathers and their legacy. 

We will dearly miss her verse from the heart and her encouraging friendship.—ed. 

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