One Response to How To STOP the Coronavirus in its Tracks | Sid Roth

  1. Paula Reid April 24, 2021 at 4:41 am #

    Watching this on the 21st of April, 2021 – a little over 1 year after this video was posted. Sitting here with tears running down my face. What a powerful message! My husband and I have been quoting the 2 Chronicles 7:14 verse daily. Just today, we were working together on a writing of his, about Christianity being so much more than just believing in a Savior. We are called to ACTION in Ephesians 2:10 (Most of us can quote
    Ephesians 2:8-9, but what about verse 10?) Shouting the 2 Chronicles verse from the rooftops as we fight against the growing clamp downs on people choosing not to get the covid vaccine. Because, our God is our Jehovah-Rapha – our Healer. God makes it very clear in 2 Chronicles 7:14!! “If My people, called by My name, will HUMBLE THEMSELVES and PRAY, and SEEK MY FACE, and TURN from their wicked ways, THEN I will HEAR from heaven and FORGIVE their SINS and HEAL their land.” (Emphasis of words is mine.) Those are all ACTION WORDS! And God is speaking them to US – His own people. That’s me, and my husband, my children, and my next-door neighbor, and the Christians across the street, and down the street and. … Satan has been trying to stop the voices of God ‘s people, isolating us from each other with this virus WORLDWIDE. BUT GOD (I am actually writing a book with that as my title) has instructed us in His word that “wherever two or more are gathered in His name, there He is in the midst of them (us).

    Have you yet this week, let alone daily…hourly… HUMBLED yourself to pray, SOUGHT GOD’S face, turned from your wicked ways?? (“For even
    our righteousness is filthy rags”. Isaiah 64:6 ff.) I know I haven’t! I challenge you to today, NOW!, grab a fellow believer and HUMBLE OURSELVES, PRAY, SEEK GOD, and TURN!

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