Consider and Ponder in the American Christian Home

by Verna M. Hall

Who should teach and learn America’s Christian history? In America, Christian homes played a major role in teaching the love of Christ and the Hand of God in our American history. Since the educational goal of the American Christian home in a republic is to build the foundation of American Christian character, is it surprising that patriotic mothers contributed to the nation’s independence? “Patriotic mothers nursed the infancy of freedom. Their counsels and their prayers mingled with the deliberations that resulted in a nation’s assertion of its independence. They animated the courage, and confirmed the self-devotion of those who ventured all in the common cause.” (Page 73d, Consider and Ponder).

These same patriotic mothers also contributed to the teaching and learning of the fundamental principles of Christian liberty which America was to establish in Christian civil government. It was “in the domestic sanctuary” where “that love of civil liberty, which afterwards kindled into a flame, and shed light on the world” was first expressed. “The talk of matrons, in American homes, was of the people’s wrongs, and the tyranny that oppressed them, until the sons who had grown to manhood, with strengthened aspirations towards a better state of things, and views enlarged to comprehend their invaded rights, stood up prepared to defend them to the utmost.” (Page 73d Consider and Ponder).

It is hoped therefore, that present-day mothers will accept once again the confirmation of their importance in teaching and learning the lessons of Christian liberty and that they will inspire their children to extend those principles into every avenue of their lives. Only in an American Christian home has woman the privilege of working from her center of power as the first teacher of the family, the one who is “accountable for the character of the next generation.”

Fathers, will you take back the first sphere of the government of this nation—that of the home? Mothers will not be able to move forward confidently unless you accept leadership for supplying the Biblical guidance for the growth of Christian character and the practice of Christian self-government in the home. “Home sentiment” of the father is best communicated by example. Where better to begin to turn our nation around economically than in the American Christian home where industry, frugality, prudence, economy—essentials of Christian self-government—need to be identified in the Christian walk by both father and mother. A study of our founding fathers indicates their consistent efforts for making home the religious and educational base. The community outreach of home will have greater impact than any other single feature in America, and it should, for home is God’s primary institution. It is the Christian center from which the national circumference will take its character.

Parents can also take back the direction of the school education of their children by knowing what the school must build upon—America’s Christian history and government. Control of school curricula and methodology springs from a knowledge of the underlying American Christian philosophy of education and government. This can be learned from a study of America’s Christian history. When American homes and schools work from the same center of philosophy, each fulfilling its own distinct sphere, we shall begin to see dramatic results in the life of our nation and in the return to Christian government.

From Verna M. Hall, The Christian history of the American Revolution: Consider and ponder (San Francisco: Foundation for American Christian Education, 1976), 599.
© 2011. Used with Permission

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