A Woman from Germany Speaks of Life Under Communism

If you have not yet heard of the Stasi—those nice guys who spied on us back in East Germany, making sure we didn’t talk against our government or watch West German TV or do anything else against their rules that they themselves didn’t follow—well, here’s a little of the story for you.

They would report people, try to get them arrested, most definitely harass and interrogate them, and even get them fired from their jobs. For what you ask? For thinking independently. For questioning things. 

I escaped East Germany. It’s a long story. It started with a car ride to Berlin, (2 1/2 hours from my town). My then-boyfriend’s dad drove us to the station to take a train to Prague. 

We left in the middle of the night. I had nowhere to stay the next few days. I told my parents that evening. It broke my heart. I was scared and sad but I was young and ambitious and willing to die for my freedom because I was even more scared to forever be stuck in my country and never experience the world.

The Stasi showed up at my parents’ house the next morning asking my mom where I was. Are you still with me? 

My mom tried to play it cool, but burst into tears because she was upset that I had left. She didn’t know if she would ever see me again, or if I would even make it to the West German embassy in Prague alive. The spies were everywhere and you couldn’t trust anyone. Sound familiar?

Why am I sharing this? Where is the love, peace and togetherness, my friends ? 

Many of you have no idea what is happening. You are being brainwashed and told that anyone who’s not on your side is your enemy. 

We were told the same lie, most believed it and those who questioned it were punished and called traitors. 

It was all fabricated by the government and media. The enemy was from within. 

Quite blunt. Don’t be stupid and don’t be an asshole. 

It’s 2021. Learn from history. Read up. Educate yourself. Do some yoga and meditation to declutter and defrag your brain.

And please don’t try to educate or correct me on my real-life experience. This, my friends is truth. 



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