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justice-tom-parkerGuest essay by the Justice Tom Parker

As the federal judiciary goes, so goes the nation. The judicial branch — which, in a rare lapse of foresight, was considered by Alexander Hamilton to be the least dangerous of the federal branches of government — has become the rudder that steers this nation. The United States is being guided to perilous waters by some of the current federal jurists at the helm. The Presidential election held on November 8th is critical.

Our Founding Fathers, recognizing the tyranny and despotism brought about by the rule of man, fought to establish this nation as one of laws. The rule of law is what binds America together and what makes her exceptional in all of history. It is this very principle, the rule of law, that is the glue with which this wonderfully diverse nation has been held together.

The federal judiciary is the single most important American institution in upholding the rule of law. However, as we have recently observed, liberal politicians have appointed federal judges — who are unaccountable to the people — that have captained the ship of the judiciary like drunken pirates. Liberal judges, unrestrained by the Constitution, cast aside the rule of law in favor of raw acts of political will and social policy. Contrary to the Founding Fathers, liberal judges do not view the Constitution as a restraint on federal government, but simply as a medium for expanding federal government until they control every aspect of society.

Liberals have expanded the role of the federal government through the federal judiciary to impose their will on issues that have traditionally been left to the states to decide. Having failed to pass into law through the democratic process their desired social agendas, liberals turned to the federal judiciary. What millions of Americans reject, five judges can impose.

Hillary Clinton, who is promising to appoint more liberals to the federal judiciary, brazenly praised a United States Supreme Court Justice who recently said, “There is no objective stance but only a series of perspectives — no neutrality, no escape from choice in judging.” This liberal approach to the judiciary is in direct contradiction to the rule of law. Hillary Clinton would appoint liberal federal judges who seek to be judicial kings, rather than servants of the rule of law.

Donald Trump would correct the course of this wayward ship by appointing principled and conservative federal judges. Donald Trump has released a list of potential nominees that he would draw from to fill vacancies on the Supreme Court of the United States. The judges on this list have a demonstrated commitment to the rule of law and to a conservative judicial approach. These are the kinds of judges we need to steer this ship back to the proper course; these are the kinds of judges we need to preserve this nation.

The next President of the United States will have incredible opportunity to impact the judiciary. There are currently over 90 vacancies in the federal judiciary. One of those vacancies is on the highest and most important court in this nation: the Supreme Court of the United States. It is also very probable that the next President will have to fill several additional vacancies on the Supreme Court of the United States during the course of his term in office. Wise, judicious appointments, who will serve for decades on the federal bench, can correct the wayward course of the judiciary.

From my perspective as a judge currently serving on a state supreme court, the most important issue in this election is the future of the judiciary. The rule of law, upon which the exceptionalism of America rests, is at stake.

That is why I am supporting the Trump-Pence ticket in November and why all conservatives should join me.


Tom Parker is a Justice on the Alabama Supreme Court. He was a delegate for Sen. Ted Cruz to the Republican National Convention, who now supports Trump because of the importance of this election for the future of the courts.

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