Second Amendment Celebration, Jan. 19, 2013

“An Appeal to Heaven” – George Washington’s Flag & His Trust in God, 1775
General Washington outfitted a squadron of six schooners at his own expense in the fall of 1775 for use in the coastal waters off the colonies. His secretary suggested using this flag, which linked the Founding Father’s love of God and freedom – their conviction that”THE GOD THAT GAVE US LIFE GAVE US LIBERTY.” This is one of the first symbolic expressions of our country’s firm reliance on divine providence. Britain required all tall, straight pine trunks be sent to England for the British fleet. Thus the sturdy evergreen “Liberty Tree,” beneath which the Sons of Liberty used to rally, became a symbol of American independence.

In their fight for freedom, our country’s Founders knew they opposed the world’s mightiest military power of their day, but they were convinced they were sustained by a still mightier Power, hence their “Appeal to Heaven.” In the words of Washington” “Almighty God, we make our earnest prayer that thou will keep the United States in Thy Holy protection…”

We are a Christian nation because our Declaration and Constitution are based on governmental principles from the Bible. Limited government, with a federal division of powers, private property, right to self-defense, and religious freedom are essential to individual liberty. In early America, as in the Bible, in times of crisis, the nation would proclaim a day of fasting and prayer. It is my prayer that our nation will see a revival of liberty, morality, and prosperity.

We need to PRAY NOW!!

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