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mark-mattaGuest essay by Mark Matta

Do you perceive that we’re in a spiritual and cultural war, where life, marriage, liberty, and America’s Biblical foundation (and the liberty it gives us to practice and share our faith) are under attack?

Concerned people of faith have asked the following question: “How can I become involved locally and productively to protect life, marriage, America’s Biblical foundation, with training and support, but without a big time commitment?” Public Awareness Ministries answers this question with a specific prayer-based, do-able, practical, turnkey ministry model:

Step 1: PRAY together monthly for our leaders and nation (I Tim. 2, II Chr. 7:14)

There is a special power in united prayer (Mt. 18:19, 20). Work groups tend to come and go, but prayer-based work groups tend to endure. Public Awareness Ministries provides prayer group location information on the “Prayer Group” page at, and Prayer Guides for all monthly prayer groups. It takes 2 minutes to sign-up a group at

  • ··Would you consider investing one hour per month of consistent united local prayer in your city?

Step 2: EQUIP with and apply Biblical principles of good government foundational to America

To effectively promote Biblical values and God-honoring leaders, it is vital to understand the Biblical foundation of American government that secures every liberty we hold dear. Can our Constitutional Republic and the freedom it gives be sustained if we forget the basic principles that form its foundation (Ps. 11:3, 50:22, 111:4)? Public Awareness Ministries freely provides Biblical Principles of Good Government one-page “Primers” monthly to each prayer group leader via Email. Visit the “Biblical Principles Primers” link at

Step 3: Non-partisan local WORK to advance Biblical values and God-honoring leaders

God’s Word calls us to “occupy” on His behalf until He returns (Lk. 19:13). We are reminded to select God-honoring leaders from the local level up (Ex. 18:21). Like the Nehemiah approach to re-building the wall around Jerusalem, prayer and work go together, and it’s not a “one size fits all” approach. One church may do · non-partisan voter registration to equip people to vote. Another group may · circulate a petition to protect life or marriage. Yet another may produce and distribute · non-partisan Voter Guides.

Public Awareness hosts free national teletrainings training series to teach topics including those above.

  • ··Will you consider volunteering a few hours per month of consistent united local work to advance Biblical and Constitutional values? We provide the training, freely, via tele-conference.

Public Awareness Ministries is a unique non-partisan ministry focused on consistent united local prayer for our leaders and nation, while also training local citizens who would like to work to advance Biblical values and God-honoring leaders in a loving, Christ like manner.

Will you join me in praying and working together, city-by-city, to protect life, marriage, America’s Biblical foundation and the liberty it gives us to freely evangelize? It all begins with prayer at the “Prayer Group” page at Thank you for your consideration. May the Lord call and equip His church in America to stand for Jesus and His principles in every area, beginning on our knees.

In His (and your) service, praying and working to protect life, marriage, America’s Biblical foundation, and the Holy Cause of Liberty,

rebuilding-america-3dMark Matta [email protected]


PO Box 3133, Rancho Cordova, CA 95741

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  1. Karl July 1, 2016 at 2:35 am #

    We need to learn from and be inspired by the Courageous Corps of ’74!

    See (the theme song)

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