Nordskog Noble Novel title The Kingdom of the Rings Reflects Current

armeniarefugeservl0632508-reducedThis image (Copyright Roger-Viollet/The Image Works) is from the Nordskog Noble Novel title The Kingdom of the Rings, by Duane Lindberg. This story chronicles in the style of a Norse sage the history of three interlocking gold rings and the people they touch from the birth of Christ to modern America. Along the way, the nation of Syria figures in, from the Muslim attack and atrocities committed on the Christian Kingdom of Antioch (60 miles west of Aleppo) in 1267- 1268 (see chapter one and map on Page 6), to the genocide of the Armenian Christians in eastern Turkey and Syria in 1915 – 1923 (see chapter 38 and Page 166 which displays the 1919 photograph of injured Armenian Christian refugees at Aleppo, Syria who have escaped the Turkish genocide.) 

Solomon says, there is nothing new under the sun. As Gillian Turner on Fox news reports, Aleppo continues to be the focus of Islamic horror. Christians must pray and do all we can for the lives being destroyed through unjust persecution and destruction in the name of Islam.

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