In the struggle against human trafficking there are several elements to be addressed i.e. the
victim, the perpetrator, the buyers and the elements that fuel the passions to seek out the victims
for self gratification.

One the areas is the cultural and moral collapse of the traditional marriage fueled by the
movement to embrace homosexual marriage. The breakdown of the traditional family is the
hotbed for the trafficking and abused victims.

The moral/cultural collapse is disintegrating the nation. It is personified by gains the
homosexual movement has made politically, in the judicial system, popular culture/entertainment
industry and religious institutions. The success is accelerated by church apathy recoiling from
conflict against evil and wrongdoing contrary to the biblical mandate. Below is as statement about this issue of marriage and the ballot initiatives on the ballots.

This November 2008 ballot measures protecting the traditional definition of marriage will appear
in several states. Amazing! A constitutional amendment to protect marriage? Legalization of
homosexual marriage establishes a lifestyle proven to be destructive to those who practice it and
the culture in which they live.

CHILDREN AND FAMILIES IN DANGER: Children will be taught that
homosexuality is “normal” encouraging experimentation or practice of this dangerous lifestyle.
Embracing homosexuality requires rejection of normal paradigms of reason supplanted
by those rejected by human physiology.

Homosexual and Lesbian “marriages” adopt or artificially inseminate to have children. They
unable to naturally procreate. As the children grow up they are inclined to the opposite sex.
However, the culture and the homosexual “parents” teach that exclusive heterosexuality is not
correct. Thus the emotional and psychological conflict upon the child.

THE ILLOGIC OF HOMOSEXUALITY: I spoke to a lesbian she said her partner was
pregnant. I asked “How can that be since you don’t have the ‘plumbing’?” She said: “It is
complicated” I said “It can’t be natural”. She said her egg was fertilized by a man and implanted
in her partner. I asked what are you going to say when the child asks who is their father. She said
the neighbor will be the “father”. I said “That’s not natural” No reply. Ironically, this twisted
logic is growing. Why? Apathy, lethargy, moral paradigms and absolutes have ground to sand
leaving a moral void. If the marriage amendments do not pass, the public perspective of
homosexual endorsement and legal protections will spread. Moral relativism will continue.

relative. Supporters say “no one should judge”. However, truth cries out. First, the sexualization
of the culture and nation i.e. pornography, abortion, entertainment industry promoting sex as a
recreation. Second, acceptance of homosexuality in the entertainment industry, the culture and
schools teaching it is normal and codifying it in law. Third, judicial activism has overthrown the
will of the people requiring marriage amendments. Fourth, AIDS is spread primarily by
homosexual behavior. HIV/AIDS is considered a threat to national security. In order to embrace
homosexuality historic moral standards needs be rejected.

HUMAN TRAFFICKING is the commercial sexual exploitation of women and children. Child
porn is the fastest growing on the Internet. The F.B.I. Director says we are losing the struggle on
child porn. Where do they get the children? Destruction of moral paradigms leads to greater
victimization of women and children. Homosexual acceptance is part of the cultural collapse.

HUMAN PHYSIOLOGY: Homosexuality is not natural. The act itself imitates heterosexuality.
The reproductive organs are non applicable in the homosexual lifestyle. It is forbidden to
reproduce. Thus, left to itself, homosexuality and lesbianism will implode and self disintegrate.

THE SPIRITUAL DYNAMIC: God created human physiology forbidding the divine command
to “replenish the earth” by homosexuality. The Bible condemns homosexuality. Jesus said He
came to fulfill the law. He showed mercy to the adulterous woman and said “go and sin no
more”. In the Books of Romans, and First Corinthians Paul confirms the condemnation of
homosexuality. The satanic/demonic realm seeks to destroy nations and people by death,
disease, and sin. Freedom is available to those imprisoned by homosexuality.

THE SATANIC STRATEGY: SILENCE THE CHURCH. Silencing the church stops the
spread of the Gospel. Stopping the gospel stops the day of final destruction for the devil and his
demons. (Matthew 25:41, 46). It is done in several ways. Marginalize Church influence of the
culture and nation. The threat of hate crimes used throughout the world to silence pastors. Others
are in jail. In the Soviet Union some Christians and pastors were branded mentally unstable for
believing in Christ.

ruled that homosexual rights take priority over religious rights.

THE VICTIMS OF HOMOSEXUALITY: Homosexuality victimizes homosexuals and the
society by death and disease forbidding a normal life and relationships. Billions of dollars spent
for AIDS research could have been spent for research for Heart Disease Cancer, Parkinson,
Diabetes, and every other type of disease had the dollars spent on
AIDS research not been needed. Keep in mind that AIDS is preventable.

IMMORALITY: ASSET OF TERRORISTS. Extremists use American immorality as a
recruiting asset. Middle East people view homosexuality as deviant. It is ammunition for the
terrorists who wish to destroy us.

SILENCE: If we keep silence in the face of which God calls abomination and which afflicts
those who practice it, makes us complicit with the deviance.

CONSTITUTION: Biblical standards establish the foundation for the constitution. Those
standards reject homosexuality and all sexual deviance.

“We therefore the representatives of the United Colonies submit
the rectitude of our intentions to the SUPREME JUDGE OF THE WORLD”[caps for

-Declaration of Independence
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