ISIS Moslem Terrorist Group Update

Guest Essay by Jack Wheeler

There’s only one way to describe members of the ISIS Moslem terrorist group, such as those who so grotesquely decapitated James Foley:  human garbage.  They have ceased being human beings in any moral sense of the term, and thus possess no rights whatever of any kind.  They simply must be eliminated as quickly and efficiently as possible like a mad dog.

That said, there is no need to go hyperbolic apocalyptic, as SecDef Chuck Hagel is doing, describing them as Super-Terrorist comic book villains “unlike anything we’ve ever seen.”

To the contrary, with just the pale green light Zero has tentatively given US air power, the besieged Yazidis on Mt. Sinjar were rescued and ISIS has been kicked out of controlling the Mosul dam.  As Charles Krauthammer notes:

“The Islamic State is overstretched. It’s a thin force of perhaps 15,000 trying to control a territory four times the size of Israel. Its supply lines, operating in open country, are not just extended but exposed and highly vulnerable to air power.”

And indeed, the US Navy reports this week (8/20) that its F/A-18s are using Laser JDAMS to destroy “ISIL mobile artillery positions, convoys and other strategic targets.”  It will take much more than this, and an airwar must be conducted in Syria as well, noted Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Martin Dempsey yesterday (8/21).

They are not comic book evil genius super-villains, they’re psychotics believing in a demented medieval religion.  All you have to do is keep killing them until there aren’t any more of them – and there is no doubt whatever that we have the firepower to do just that.  All Zero has to do is say to Dempsey, “Do what it takes.”  Then he can go back to the golf course.

Oh, yes, here’s some good ISIS news.  That putz who bragged that “the flag of Allah” would soon wave over the White House?  He’s dead, killed in Syria this week.

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