Family Research Council Shooting

by Tony Nassif

The recent shooting by a man allegedly reported to have volunteered in support of homosexual efforts was thwarted by a diligent and brave staffer at the Family Research Council Headquarters. This is compounded by the allegation of another target on the list i.e. Traditional Values Coalition.

The Fuel to the Fire
So what appears to be the motivation? Hate, intolerance and violence against those who are against the homosexual lifestyle and same sex marriage.

Longing for the Good Old Days
As I read about this I thought back to the good old days when America’s foundation was traditional morality, when we didn’t have the national security threat of homosexual behavior infecting society.

It is important to consider the following:

  • Traditional family values and those supporting them were treated with respect and dignity.
  • Only a handful of presidents suffered assassination attempts from political extremists and for political reasons.
  • Christian groups for hundreds of years were never called “hateful.” In fact it was the Christian abolitionists who lead the fight against slavery up to the civil war. It was the Christian believers who joined together with Martin Luther King in the civil rights struggle. Now the spirit of antichrist has come to possess the nation

The Attack on People of Faith
The hate accusation arose with the rise of the homosexual movement highlighted by homosexual activism.

I recall many years ago, how the homosexual militants invaded St. Patrick’s Cathedral throwing condoms as they disrupted the church service.

Lesbians sued a fertility clinic for denying them service based on their moral convictions.

Ironically, One News Now reports about a joint study from Liberty Institute and the Family Research Council (FRC) records up to 600 incidents of hostility toward religion, most of which have occurred within the last ten years (just after the fall of the Soviet Union and the entrance of the spirit of antichrist).—OneNewsNow—8/20/2012 4:10:00 AM.

Failure of the Church
For years while the homosexual movement was growing and gaining ground politically, socially and in public policy, Christians by and large kept quiet. Reminds me of the cowardly lion.

What makes it even worse is that many who call themselves Christians have embraced homosexual behavior. They condoned that which God calls abominable. Yet others have actually conducted marriage rites for homosexuals.

The Science
So what major discovery has led to reversing the national policy against homosexuality? Nothing.

So what opened the door for homosexual acceptance and revilement of people of faith who stand against it? The answer is simple. Homosexual proponents put in their time and efforts and money in grabbing hold of the political system leading to sympathetic judges, political leaders and government leaders to embrace their issues regardless how morally deviant.

While Church leaders bought the lie of “separated between church and state” the homosexual supporters were moving dynamically.

While Church leaders became fearful of the battle and the possibility of losing members, homosexual supporters engaged the political system and made use of it.

While Church leaders forsook biblical and constitutional morality, America’s foundation was ground to dust. Fortunately there were several leaders like Pastor Jim Garlow supporting Proposition 8 affirming marriage between one man and one woman and others who stood their ground

The weakness of those leaders who did not stand on faith and freedom resulted in homosexual allowance in the military, homosexual marriage in some states, freedoms of religion encroached upon, and now alleged attempted murder. What’s next?

History’s Warning: During the days of the pagan Roman Empire Christians were called “bigoted, mean spirited, intolerant and hateful” just before the persecutions.

Prophetic warning: In 1989 a prophetic warning came forth as the Soviet Union crumbled. The warning was this:

The Eastern block nations just went through an exorcism of the spirit of antichrist. It is looking for a new host and if found one in America. Be warned. This spirit used communism to suppress the church and oppress people throughout the world.

Now this spirit has possessed America using homosexuality. What is remarkable is that this spirit could not have entered unless the people of our churches and nation have divested themselves
of biblical moral absolutes founded on the Bible.

Now America has become demon possessed.

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