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The Lord Hath Done Great Things for Us

The Lord Hath Done Great Things for Us; Whereof We are Glad.—Psalms 126:3 Guest essay by Bobbie Ames We will repeat the tragic lessons of History if we remove History from a nation’s memory, as it has been for several generations. Public schools replaced America’s Christian History with Social Studies nearly a century ago. How […]

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The Declaration of Independence—July 4, 1776

Guest essay by Bobbie Ames The Christian Idea of Man and Government in America’s History Early in our country’s history, the mother country caused great distress among her children. American colonists opposed the English government’s Declaratory Acts, Stamp Act, and other measures. Counted among the opponents were the Whigs, Patriots, and the Sons of Liberty. […]

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A Woman of Honor

Guest essay by Bobbie Ames The New York Times called her the “First Lady of a Political March to the Right.” I called her my treasured friend of more than 50 years. I also called her my inspiration and motivation, as I learned so much through the decades about political action and the passion required […]

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They Preached Liberty!

Guest essay by Bobbie Ames Years ago, D. James Kennedy sent me a book he published through Coral Ridge Ministries, by this title. He had made a passionate search of particular sermons preached throughout New England by virtually all the ministers of the period, from the 1700s through the period of the American Revolution and […]

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America is at a Crossroad

Guest essay by Bobbie Ames The Agenda to Erase America All is not Well in America. The enemy is targeting Christianity, and is doing so through attacking political and religious liberty. Pastors and chaplains are threatened, even chaplains at prison systems where they are so badly needed. Crosses are removed as “offensive.” Such a thing […]

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Education Today: Restoring A Christian Republic

Guest essay by Bobbie Ames Primary Sources of American History document beyond contradiction, that these United States were established as a Christian Republic by Colonial State Constitutions and by our United States Constitution. By removing these primary sources of our true history from America’s classrooms, recent generations have been taught, yes, EDUCATED to question our […]

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