To World Magazine on Immigration

Open Letter by Gerald Christian Nordskog

Dear World Magazine,

I’ve been a subscriber for probably three decades (I may have lapsed once in error but rescribed quickly). I’ve personally corresponded with Joel Belz and met him in person at Coronado Island (CNP) once. Always have I admired the caliber of excellence, high quality, comprehensive news stories and features of World Magazine.

However, during the election-season, especially toward the end, I was greatly disturbed at the stance of Mr. Belz re: the candidate Donald Trump. World wanted a Pastor for president, not a businessman who loves America. You unfairly portrayed President Trump then.

Now comes the March 4th issue, sub-titled “We can avoid embarrassing silence on immigration” by Sir Belz. The comment about “President Trump’s broad policies appear to reverse such generosity” referring to the words on the Statue of Liberty, noticeably failed to discuss the true issue about the immigration matter. My grandparents came from Norway and Italy in the late nineteenth century as immigrants (not refugees). They all became Americans at heart and in fact.

The influx of refugees in question have been infiltrated by those that are out to destroy Americans, including those with serious criminal backgrounds, communicable disease illnesses, and others that have no desire to assimilate into our land, adopt our English language or abide by the Constitution of our nation so wonderfully and providentially written by our Founding Fathers. These are not the immigrants who came to our land for a better life and to adopt our customs and laws and language. Criminals were not allowed in.

Trump is trying to protect all Americans (immigrants included) from serious hurt, such as by rape, murder and terrorist attacks. He only asked for a period of time to better prepare for serious extreme vetting to occur, which should have been already done to protect our citizens in past decades. It is a legitimate concern for our safety individually and as a nation.

To downplay and even fail to mention the reasoning of our president within the Voices editorial of Mr. Belz, is a serious neglect of journalistic integrity, I am sorry to say after all these great years of editorials written by him. The Bible does not tell us to let everybody in willy nilly, without reserved restrictions to insure safe passage for immigrants including refugees.

Why not appeal to your and my fellow Christian readers to assist the Church and refugees in foreign lands by setting up safe settlements with the help of so-called peaceful Muslim nations, near their homeland, whilst the new USA administration gears up to pursue rescuing the fully vetted innocent Believers and others in need from property being destroyed and from their lives terrorized and/or martyred?

Stand up Mr. Belz. Stand up Christians. Stand up Americans. We are in the battle of the century for truth and justice and the American way, and for our King Jesus and His kingdom on earth, as in Heaven, as the Lord’s prayer admonishes.

Respectfully submitted,

Gerald Christian Nordskog (“Jerry”)
President, Nordskog Publishing, Inc.

© 2017

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