Vote, then Double Down

The people of the United States founded our country, from the first colonies, on the basis of self-government. Self-government means the people administer its civil government through representation of their wisest neighbors of the best character. Such service has always required sacrifice. The best early American civil representatives served only at the urging and sometimes insistence of their neighbors.

A just and free republic is impossible to sustain without a Biblically literate, skillful, and wise people to sustain it precisely because it depends on self-government. Admitting the notion of a ruling class, which we now must because of Christian dereliction, is admitting the worst. The only hope we have in the short run is for the body of Christ to awaken to the need to educate the present generation in the content, faith, skills, and wisdom necessary to run a Christian republic from the home and church outward. One saving grace is that learning the ropes in one sphere applies readily to greater spheres since the same principles apply.

Vote in this election. It may be a watershed. No man or government is perfect, but the alternative appears long-term destruction of the American heritage. Vote!

Then double down. Study America’s Christian history, the history of liberty. Relearn our heritage of Biblical principles—local self-government, representation, association by covenant, federal spheres with limited authority as the spheres expand. Sound like a foreign language? It takes a bit of investment, but these things come quickly to a Biblically literate people.

Then with sound Biblical equipping, practice toward skill. Apply the principles you learn to the home, business, and church. The great thing is that the Biblical principles of government are essentially the same no matter where they are applied.

Then double down and get active. Is the Gospel political? Is Jesus Lord? In Luke One, Jesus’ mother Mary prophesied the tearing down of the thrones of self-serving kings. Do we represent Christ in the community, or do we serve ourselves, or the power grabbing elite that always reduce the people to peasantry? 

Politics is inconvenient, and often ugly. The answer is the people of Christ representing Him and ultimately effacing Caesar as irrelevant. The restoration of the American Republic starts with house of God.

God must have mercy on us for the Republic to survive. May it be so.


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3 Responses to Vote, then Double Down

  1. Karl Priest November 2, 2018 at 11:09 pm #

    As a retired public school teacher I am convinced that our only hope is to rescue our children from the public (government) schools and raise a godly generation.

    Please see “Call to Dunkirk” at

    Public schools cannot be redeemed. Saying we should not abandon them is like saying the passengers of the Titanic should have stayed aboard because the band was playing good music and the captain was a good man.

    Please also see IndoctriNation at

    Additionally, please see


    • Ron Kirk November 3, 2018 at 4:11 pm #

      We entirely agree, Karl. I devoted my life to a Biblically founded system of education, assisted by the best historic expressions. Identifying the Biblical goals of education, then using Biblical methods to achieve them, led to a reality of faith, character, skill and wisdom capable of maintaining a self-governing republic. This is also the purpose for which Nordskog Publishing exists.

  2. Linda McMurtray November 3, 2018 at 1:13 am #

    This article is so correct.

    We are no longer a Biblically literate country

    We are not Biblically equipped.

    God help us to restore this American Republic built on Biblical principles.

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