The Demise of Our National Character

Guest essay by Billy Falling

After the Veteran’s Day celebrations, and after watching the four presidential debates, I am compelled to obey the promptings of my own heart to write about the demise of our national character.

First, I will declare just how disgusted I am with the Presidential Debates. First there were seventeen Republican Candidates and five Democrat candidates. Now, that field has been narrowed to twelve Republicans, and for all intents and purposes, just two Democrats. Of all that has been debated, not one candidate has dared to talk about the real issues in America that the vast majority of households are concerned most about.

One candidate (Rick Santorum) spoke of them in an off-handed remark, and Marco Rubio mentioned one aspect of one issue one time. The issues being debated are symptoms of our real problems, not the problems themselves. The real issues causing the demise of our national character are moral and spiritual, not primarily economical or political (economics and politics are outward expressions of moral and spiritual roots—ed.). They can only be repaired, or fixed, with moral and spiritual remedies.

Naming just a few, these issues are:

  1. God absent from our public life by design
  2. The destruction of the African-American family—75% illegitimate birth rate
  3. Institution of marriage being destroyed—co-habitation, same-sex marriage, and divorce rate
  4. Forced sexual perversion education in public schools
  5. Judicial tyranny—terrorism in our courts that destroys constitutional law and negates legislative activities of the states
  6. Mainstream media kills journalism and hijacks the First Amendment—CNBC is the classic example as moderators of the debate attack Republicans
  7. Abortion now has killed over fifty-eight million unborn children since 1973, and is now being paid for with tax dollars (this number represents 18% of the United States Population in 2014—ed.)

These are just the major issues that are destroying our national character. Not one candidate for president has publicly discussed these that I know of, to this date.

America has forgotten what it is.

America has forgotten what its mission is.

Do you know what America is, and what its mission is? If not, then I have good news for you and for America: For the first 327 years, America was a God-centered, Christ-Centered nation with a Christian Consensus (1620-1947).

Now, a mere figure of speech—separation of church and state—has evolved to become a rule of law. In sixty-eight years we have gone from a Christian Consensus to an anti-God, anti-Christian culture with hostility toward the Church and individual Christians.

What is America?

This exceptional nation is the wilderness God prepared to become the Promised Land for the Christian faith. Every Revolutionary Soldier of the Colonies knew this, and fought and died to give it birth.

What is our mission?

The answer to this is documented in the Mayflower Compact: “…for the glory of god, and the advancement of the Christian faith.”

Our National Character will be recovered when we recover these two issues. I am ready to teach this nation our definition and our mission.

Contact Billy Falling for more information. He is pastor and headmaster, The Internet Church International, P.O. Box 440, Chula Vista, CA 91912.

He is Pastor Emeritus of Faith Center of Escondido, a citizen of the Cherokee Nation, and the author of My Cherokee Roots: Out of the Dog Creek Hills.

This original of this article was an email addressed to Jerry Nordskog, November 16, 2015.

© 2016 Used by Permission

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One Response to The Demise of Our National Character

  1. Jerry Nordskog January 22, 2016 at 7:47 pm #

    This is the message that should get out. I concur that the GOP is useless, almost, in its leaders. All are afraid to speak the truth in love. Maybe Carson comes a tiny dab closest to doing so, but is shy and reserved and cautious and not forceful like Cruz. A few are allegedly Christians who could stand up and be counted and make a difference. If Billy Falling were on those stages and doing media conferences, you can be assured we would hear the Bible discussed, Christ our King honored, and Americans challenged to repent and turn back to our God, in reality the only true and real God and Lord.

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