Reaping the Whirlwind: Hurricane Harvey

Guest essay by Jeff Daly

Corpus Christi = The Body of Christ

For behold, the LORD will come in fire And His chariots like the whirlwind, To render His anger with fury, And His rebuke with flames of fire.—Isaiah 66:15

Dear Christian Warriors: 

A massive storm sits outside Texas today (has now hit the Texas coast very hard—ed.).  Possibly as much as four feet of water, 48 inches will be dropped on top of the dangerous winds.  Lives are in danger.

The Lord allows these threats to cause us to turn away from our worldly distractions and turn to Him.

Our forefathers the Pilgrims knew how to handle disasters.  Needing food, in the midst of a drought, they followed Scripture.  On their knees they prayed, they fasted, they  repented.  No cloud in the sky. They continued  to pray and confess their sins, repenting.  Later that day a single cloud appeared.  A soft rain soon followed.  The drought was broken and His Bride further cleansed.

America needs repentance.  There can be no revival without repentance.  Prayers are splendid and appropriate, but to get the Lord’s active Hand we have to get on our knees, literally or symbolically, and turn from our wicked ways.

The wickedness in our churches, in you and me, needs to be renounced and repented of.  The problem may be not so much what we do as what we do not do.    This Truth is set out in James 4:17: ” Therefore, to him who knows to do good and does not do it, to him it is sin.”

An invading army of evil spirits…”the locust…the cankerworm, and the caterpillar, and the palmerworm”  (Joel 2:25) have systematically infiltrated the church of Jesus Christ by the forces of the enemy.   But the victory over the enemy and restoration is at hand if we will but use it. With the help of the Holy Spirit, pride, apathy, idols, perversions, unforgiveness,  all other manner of sin strongholds can be renounced in sincere repentance under His Word, His Blood, His Holy Name.

THEN will He hear from heaven, forgive our sin and heal our land.   2 Chronicles 7:14.  THEN the battle will clearly be His. 2 Chronicles 20: 15.

May the pastors and priests in Texas follow the example of our Pilgrims and hold repentance services now in the face of this storm. We will be joining you on our knees also.

God Bless you,

Pastor Jeff


Heavenly Father, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, we come to You confessing our sins and the sins of our family and our nation.  Like Daniel, we confess that we have failed You and have failed in our witness to our people.  We are a divided nation instead of one united under Your Providence.  We are grieved and we ask You to forgive our sins.  Help us repent and change our ways, so that the nation in which we live can begin to live out Your blessed Plan for us.   Restore to us the years that the locusts have eaten.  In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.”

The original of this article came as a circular e-newsletter from National Day of Repentance, August 25, 2017 at 5:22 pm PDT. National Day of Repentance organization is dedicated to a Biblical view of life drawn by the Holy Spirit to “purify ourselves as His bride through the privilege of repentance.)

Founder Pastor Jeff Daly was a former atheist and New Ager, “had an epiphany, repented, and made a decision for Christ in 1991.” Jeff continues to practice law. He received the Pacific Justice Institute’s Faith and Justice Award for his legal work protecting faith and family. His free ebooks are available at the National Day of Repentance website.

© 2017 Used by Permission

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