Publishing Guidelines

“Reading maketh a full man, conference a readye man, and writing an exact man.” (Essays I & II 1597-8 eat. 37-8. From A Harmony of the Essays, etc. of Francis Bacon, Edward Arber, Ed. London, Bloomsbury, 1871.

Nordskog Publishing Inc. (NPI) seeks to publish the best in sound theological and applied Christian faith books as our contribution to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and His Kingdom. We seek “Meaty, Tasty and Easily Digestible Theological Offerings,” in both non-fiction and fiction. Our target market is both the present and future serious Christian. We seek to engage, persuade, inform, and entertain our readers. We seek to encourage “Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done, in earth as it is in heaven” in every area of life.

Special Notice:

At present, we are not offering publishing under traditional terms. Prospective authors must seriously consider sharing the editing, production and marketing costs. We offer MakeMeMyBook (Seventh Millennium Books imprint) capital-sharing terms solely so that we might continue to publish worthy projects in a time of heavy commitments and diminished available resources. Our publishing mission and relational approach to publishing remain our strong commitments. At this time, fiction remains a low editorial priority for NPI.

Currently, fiction remains a low editorial priority for NPI.


  1. Nordskog Publishing Inc. (NPI) seeks to publish a niche of Christian literature not commonly embraced by the mainstream evangelical press.
  2. Specifically, we wish to publish books of sound, Biblical theology and its application, primarily according to the best of the Reformed, Calvinistic heritage as our contribution to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and His Kingdom.
  3. We seek “Meaty, Tasty and Easily Digestible Biblical Treasures,” in non-fiction, fiction (Noble Novels), and children’s literature (Young Heart Books).
  4. Our target market is both the present and future serious Christian.
  5. We seek to engage, persuade, inform, and entertain our readers.
  6. Far more than merely “getting people saved,” Christ charged the church with a complete life expression that includes every human endeavor—relational government in every sphere, including vocations, avocations, civil government, and every economic activity. Thus, whether we eat or drink, or whatever we do, we do all—self-consciously Biblically—to the glory of God. Upon an investment in Biblical understanding and the best historic expressions, every activity should self-consciously further the Kingdom of Christ. Our faith should bear fruit accordingly. Biblical Christians ought to be influential culture-makers, so that the Good Seed of the Gospel goes into the well-prepared, fertile ground of our neighbors’ hearts.
  7. We reserve offering traditional publishing for the best of the best as a complete package, including content, expression and market potential.
  8. We stand ready to publish other excellent works in capital partnership, to maximize the availability of our excellent publishing services to as many authors as possible.

Nordskog Traditional Publishing and MakeMeMyBook Divisions

  1. NPI offers the highest quality editing, production, and marketing services appropriate to a full service publisher. In our short history, we have acquired a reputation for excellence. We believe the quality of our traditional publishing services to be among the best for that rare project proposal that combines excellent content, presentation, and market potential within our editorial mission. We actively seek such projects and therefore welcome unsolicited manuscript submissions.
  2. However, great competition among manuscripts means that we can publish only a few of the very fine and worthy manuscripts we receive. To assist and encourage other godly and otherwise worthy projects within our editorial mission, we offer an alternative through our MakeMeMyBook capital partnership division and its Seventh Millennium imprint.
  3. With the MakeMeMyBook division, we offer the same excellent professional editing, production, and marketing options as our traditional imprints, but provided upon author or possibly shared capitalization.
  4. Financial arrangements are flexible. While services and production costs vary according to the specific project, the greater the number of books ordered, the lower the price per unit.
  5. In order to increase the likelihood of publication with NPI, we highly recommend the MakeMeMyBook alternative. Such commitment and investment by an author encourage NPI that we have a winning combination of manuscript and author serious about market success.
  6. See below for guidelines specific to MakeMeMyBook projects and the Seventh Millennium Books page for more info.


  1. NPI seeks excellent writers with a passion for Jesus Christ, progress of His Kingdom in the earth, and His glory.
  2. Our authors should seriously consider their contribution not only to excellent literature and to the cause of Christ, but to making their book successful through personal marketing activities. Specifically, this means willingness to seek interview opportunities, speaking engagements, book fairs, providing a contact list, participating in promotions, etc.
  3. Our approach to publishing is relational, as is the Gospel itself. This means that we wish to work closely with prospective authors. If a manuscript shows some merit, but in our opinion needs theological, content, style, or grammatical amendment, we will seek to walk humbly together toward a more excellent product. NPI is willing to assist our authors toward a refined and perfected manuscript, with respect to theology, content and style. In return, NPI trusts we will have an open, forthright, and friendly dialogue to that end.
  4. Prospective authors should then expect an iterative critique and editing process from initial review through book production, toward a conclusion of mutual satisfaction with the final product between author and publisher.

Theology and Content

  1. NPI takes the Holy Scriptures as the very Word of God, and the historic Reformed creeds generally represent NPI’s theological position.
  2. Prospective authors should thoughtfully prepare editorial content of proposed books according to a sound historical and Biblical theology.
  3. We believe and adopt as part of our editorial mission that God commands Christians self- consciously to apply the Word of God and our faith to every area of life as fundamental to making disciples of all nations. We take Jesus’s prayer seriously: “Thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven.” This position is commonly known as the Christian worldview.
  4. NPI also generally assumes a traditional American view of Christian liberty, and the eschatology of evangelical victory in history (Psalm 110).
  5. We thus ask prospective authors to respect NPI’s editorial position, goals and mission regarding theology. This generally includes the historical Reformed and Post-Millennial traditions of Biblical Christianity and applied faith. Authors should carefully acquaint themselves with the implications of NPI’s editorial mission and theological position, and accordingly submit compatible manuscripts. The author’s attention to theology will thus minimize unnecessary theological and eschatological concerns.
  6. NPI understands that as Christians we walk by faith, and Biblical theology is not finished. We must continue to refine our views as we mature into “the stature of the fullness of Christ” (Ephesians 4:13 NKJV). Therefore, we also encourage the cross-pollination of other viewpoints upon careful, Biblical reasoning by our authors. “Iron sharpens iron” (Prov. 27:17 NKJV), toward mutual agreement, to serve both author’s and publisher’s purposes in one product.
  7. To the extent a manuscript otherwise meets the standards of our editorial mission and these guidelines, we will consider other theological and eschatological viewpoints. We will compare them to God’s Law-Word in the context of the book manuscript as a part of the editorial review. Prospective authors agree to engage with us in an open and friendly dialogue as we seek to refine content toward mutual agreement regarding Biblical worldview and product excellence.
  8. NPI thus strives to accommodate the wonderful diversity in the Church of Jesus Christ, and to respect the individual gifts and unique contribution of those of our brethren whom Christ brings across our path. However, our editorial mission remains central.
  9. Regarding fiction (Noble Novels imprint) and children’s literature (Young Heart imprint), we must consider only potential blockbusters consisting of the most highly crafted storytelling, and themes advancing the Kingdom of Christ in the earth and toward eternity. For the greatest likelihood of success, we highly recommend investing in acquiring superior skills and engaging an accomplished, professional story editor before making a project submittal.

Book Proposal—Please Provide the Following:

  1. Author’s brief vitae including accomplishments and a biographical sketch. Include any professional or academic credentials.
  2. Project description and synopsis. Include a summary paragraph of the content. Also include the primary theme or thesis. The synopsis of the book should also concisely provide proposed titles, brief summaries and the thesis or theme for each chapter. By theme and thesis, we mean the essential idea you wish to communicate or to what point of view you wish to persuade. In other words, what is your message?
  3. How the book represents a Biblical Christian worldview, and how your topic contributes to the progress of the Great Commission and proclamation of redemption through Christ. If assuming an unusual point of view, provide a Scriptural argument to support it.
  4. How your project is unique to the marketplace and what special value it holds. That is, how does your manuscript distinguish itself within the genre?
  5. Whom you expect to reach, by age, gender, and interest.
  6. Why you think NPI would be a good fit for you and your project.
  7. The relative success of related titles.
  8. Any previous publishing success. Give details, including sales numbers.
  9. Any other pertinent following or support you have developed, such as hosting a radio show, pastoring a large church, political activity, business or organization associations, etc. Describe in detail.
  10. Contribution the author proposes to make toward marketing the project.
  11. At least two full chapters for preliminary review in digital form (MS Word document preferred). Provide a full manuscript in digital form upon request.
  12. Endorsements, with endorsers’ names and credentials. Provide names and credentials of potential endorsers.
  13. Affirmation of willingness to follow these editorial standards.

Fiction—Additionally Provide:

  1. A description of your genre, such as historical fiction, semi-biography, romance, or science fiction.
  2. Provide the story outline including premise, development, plot twists, climax and resolution, and theme — by chapter, if possible, or otherwise by major plot sections.
  3. The story’s overall moral theme and conclusion — your underlying message.
  4. Description of principal characters, their moral condition, and how they change.
  5. At least three complete chapters, preferably including important developments, plot complications, and a resolving chapter.

Children’s Literature—Additionally Provide:

Rough or refined concepts of layout and illustrations.


  1. If the manuscript is not yet available in electronic form, we require a standard 8 1⁄2″ x 11″ or A4-size page. Include a self-addressed envelope with appropriate postage if you wish the manuscript returned.
  2. If NPI accepts the manuscript for publication, we require a standard Microsoft Word document file (version 97 or later).
  3. During the editing process, use the MS Word Track Changes function, to keep a running record of manuscript changes and comments between author and editor.
  4. The author is responsible for compliance to professional grammar and style standards. NPI follows The Chicago Manual of Style latest version.
  5. NPI urges enlisting a professional editor prior to initial submission for non-fiction and an accomplished story editor for fiction. NPI will view a well-edited manuscript as more attractive in the selection process.
  6. NPI reserves the right to return a manuscript for content, grammar, or style editing by the author before consideration to publish. However, NPI’s request for such editing does not indicate a commitment to the project.
  7. While NPI strives to provide our authors with excellent editing and book design, prospective authors must carefully verify all Scripture citations for accuracy, contextual relevance, and version.
  8. The author must provide authoritative documentation for all quoted text and statements of fact, including photocopies/facsimiles of the full title pages, and full pages containing the cited material, with all sources cited, in context. We prefer JPG- or PDF-format electronic media. Legible faxes are acceptable. We cannot publish books without thorough fact verification.
  9. Prospective authors agree to procure permissions for all quotations and or illustrations, as needed. NPI will assist with a sample form letter.

Manuscript Review

  1. Please understand that we are a small publisher. Preliminary review turnaround may take from ninety days up to a full year, depending on current production load. We will make every effort to inform the prospective author of a realistic review time, and to provide updates as the author requires.
  2. In order to maintain the highest standards and accomplish our editorial mission, NPI reserves the right to reject a manuscript for any reason, including but not limited to Biblical, editorial, or market grounds, or any deficiencies according to these standards.

MakeMeMyBook Partnership Guidelines

  1. We will evaluate your manuscript according to our Publishing Guidelines and these MakeMeMyBook (MMMB) Guidelines. We will decide whether the project fits into our niche market under one of our regular imprints, which include theology or applied-faith (NPI), fiction (Noble Novels), or children’s (Young Heart) genres. If your manuscript meets our standards and present editorial need, NPI may offer to publish under traditional terms. Otherwise, acceptable MMMB projects will be published under our Seventh Millennium imprint.
  2. If you wish to publish under MMMB and your manuscript meets the basic requirements, we would then provide any or all of the following Partnership options:
    1. Copy-Editor: One of the NPI copy-editors may suggest improvements with regard to themes and style, storytelling, or underlying Biblical principles.
    2. Production-Editor: Once the author and publisher finish copy editing, the editor will provide consultation on font style, page composition, and all other book-interior design elements toward the finest product. The editor will prepare the text (interior of the book) for the printer and handle prepress inspections as well.
    3. Designer/Artist: In concert with the MMMB editors, a graphic artist will prepare artwork, for the front cover, spine, and back cover, along with any graphics desired in the interior of the book.
    4. Printer: MMMB will select a printing company, based upon the best combination of product quality and pricing. MakeMeMyBook will manage and supervise the successful book printing and delivery, according to agreed-upon specifications.
    5. Publicity Services: MakeMeMyBook will select a publicity, public relations and media- relations firm suitable for the book, and coordinate media releases to appropriate lists for print, radio, TV, and Internet media. MakeMeMyBook will conduct tours or virtual tours and media interviews as requested by interested-media. MakeMeMyBook can provide a media campaign from one to multiple months. For best potential results, authors should make themselves available for as many interviews and book-signings as possible. We can make no guarantees as to the effectiveness or results of the publicity campaign.
    6. Distribution Services: It is possible MakeMeMyBook could interest one of our distributors in your book. Our system of wholesale book distribution to retail outlets may be available at the option of MakeMeMyBook and our distributors.

For MakeMeMyBook projects, NPI will present an individual customized proposal based upon the project parameters provided by the author. This will include capitalization contributions needed from the author. Factors considered in calculating charges include number of pages, book dimensions, cover and binding type, print run quantity, choice of services desired, and other considerations.

If you are interested in Nordskog Publishing’s MakeMeMyBook publishing services, kindly let us know at the onset, and we will gladly and quickly present to you a pricing proposal and current scheduling capabilities.

Both Nordskog Publishing divisions are here to serve you and our King Jesus Christ, to do according to His will and for His glory.

–Gerald Christian Nordskog, Publisher

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