The Governor’s Story: The Book That Couldn’t Stay Lost


Truly remarkable is “The Governor’s Story” readability. Here is an exciting book of history that feels like a novel. It is a great entertainment, sweeping the reader away for a few hours. It also fills an important gap in American history. This is the fascinating story of the journal written by the Pilgrim’s Governor William Bradford, lost for 80 years and recovered through the providence of God in 1897.

Dr. George Grant PhD, D Lit says:

A century ago, a precious manuscript documenting a pivotal moment in our nation’s founding was miraculously rediscovered…The log book of Governor William Bradford, detailing God’s good providence in the protection of the Mayflower pioneers and the subsequent establishment of Plymouth Plantation was one of the most remarkable finds in American academic history. The tale it tells sheds an important light on our glorious inheritance of freedom and liberty.In this remarkable book, Dorothy Robbins not only tells the story of how the manuscript first came to be written, how it was lost, and how it was ultimately recovered for posterity but she also details just why this find continues to be so significant. Just as this is a book that couldn’t stay lost, this is a tale that couldn’t stay untold. Here is history at its best-the kind of history even the most jaded American will find fascinating.

Here is history brimming over with answers to Why. Every student of American history will find this great adventure both inspiring and enlightening. Indeed, it should be on every library shelf and on the recommended list of every teacher in the land. It is assuredly on mine.

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