One Nation Under God


BEFORE YOU CAST ANOTHER VOTE…find out the true cornerstone on which American freedom was built and what you can do to steer this country back to its foundations of Christian faith and biblical principles. Rus Walton lays bare what is really happening to our governments, family life, schools, the economy and what Christians can do through prayer and action to change the wrongs to rights. As an American and a Christian you need to know what is happening to our school systems, our institutions, our morals, and our freedoms. You can make a difference in the voting booth and through individual and organizational action. This important book will show you how.

There is still time to restore America to One Nation Under God.

“Since his days on Ronald Reagan's staff twenty years ago, through the present time, Rus Walton has faithfully advocated biblical criteria as the guide for public policy formulation. [This book] will help rebuild the kind of God-centered polity which made America a great nation.”—
Howard Phillips, Chairman The Conservative Caucus, Inc.

“Must reading for every Christian regardless of political position. Everyone else should read it, too.”—Richard M. Devos, Founding President Amway Corporation

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