Immigration and Nation, a Biblical View


Is it God’s will that America should be overwhelmed by massive immigration? Some religious professionals who claim to speak for God would have Americans think so. Because they endow their opinions with divine authority, quite a number of people under their leadership and influence are confused on the issue of immigration.

For the historic Christian faith, however, the source of truth has not been the views of men, but the Bible. What does the Bible have to say on the topic of immigration and the related issue of nationhood?

John Vinson’s Immigration and Nation, a Biblical View examines Old and New Testament teachings on these matters. The author concludes from numerous passages that the divine plan calls for the division of mankind into nations, each with its own unique character and distinctions. To the extent that immigration erases these distinctions, it is out of the will of God.

Far from being a humanitarian enterprise, the author concludes, massive immigration is a policy rooted in humanistic pride and the worship of mammon.

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