Hero Tales from American History (Illustrated)


In Hero Tales from American History, one of our most legendary Presidents one of our most legendary Congressmen retell the stories and glories of America’s greatest heroes. This is a book for the whole family. Read it to your children because they will NOT hear these stories in the government schools.

Written by Theodore Roosevelt and Henry Cabot Lodge, this special edition has been re-typeset and features rare historical images from the prestigious collection of The American Vision.

History should not be a dry and boring rehearsal of places, dates, and events. This book—originally published in 1895—was designed to revive the venerable Christian tradition of charting the topography of the past.  It was meant to bring the tales of forgotten American heroes back to the fore of the American story. Comprised of true tales, to be sure, the authors wrote them to read like valiant fables and not like vapid facts.

Henry Cabot Lodge met Theodore Roosevelt when the two young men first came to Washington D.C. at the advent of their public service careers. Lodge was an accomplished first-term congressman representing Massachusetts. Roosevelt was a newly appointed Federal Civil Service Commissioner, already having gained national attention as an irrepressible reformer in the notorious snarl of New York politics. The two became fast friends.

Both were deeply devout and scrupulously moral, then as now, rather rare traits in Washington. And both men eventually were to go on to have stellar careers and leave indelible marks on American history.

Just a few years after they met, they co-wrote this collection of historical profiles and vignettes. It was their favorite project, and it remained so throughout their lives. Reading it today reveals much about the strength that both men drew from their relationship.

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