Going On…with a Nod from God


By Bill Bathman

With more vivid and exciting storytelling, Going On…with a Nod from God is the fascinating sequel to Going Through—Even if the Door Is Closed. Veteran Missionary Bill Bathman guides us on an unforgettable journey across four continents during the tumultuous events of the Cold War.

Starting with the Rhodesian War in 1977, Going On presents us with behind-the-scenes interviews with remarkable people, in extraordinary times: Revolutions in Central America, repression in Red China, resistance to communism in Eastern Europe and Africa, revival in Zululand, revival amidst persecution in Sudan. Fervent faith under fire in the war zones of Africa. Triumph amidst tragedies and tremendous testimonies of God’s grace, provision, protection and guidance.

Going On will take you beyond the headlines and behind the lines to report the spiritual and mortal conflict in restricted areas of the world.

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