God’s Silver Soldier Comics

Truthmonger Publishing

When God’s Silver Soldiers come together, the Holy Armor of God increases their strength a hundredfold, and they are able to call forth the powers given to these Christian superheroes by the Almighty.

Combine comic stories about down-to-earth heroes, Bible stories, and the life of Jesus Christ, all created with brilliant comic art, and you have wholesome and compelling comic books from Truthmonger.

Here are comics lovers’ comics designed to stimulate and inspire and to reach the lost with the message of Christ in world-class storytelling graphics.

See the Description below for links to all the titles in the series.


Right now, superhero comics are hot. Art Greenhaw, accomplished Grammy-winning musician, has a heart for lost souls. He also happens to have had a longtime friendship with Stan Lee, who encouraged this present effort to get Gospel oriented, superhero, human-hero, and Biblical stories with world-class graphics into the hands of young people in an increasingly decadent world.

Check out these titles:

God’s Silver Soldiers Origin Issue #1–Oversized Collector’s Edition
Tales of Nazareth
Silver Soldiers (aka God’s Silver Soldiers) backed by Tales of Nazareth: The Boyhood of Jesus
Crossfire Comic Book–a classic story of heroism by iconic Christian artist Al Hartley
God’s Silver Soldiers Soundtrack Album
God’s Silver Soldiers bundle—Visual Novel + Soundtrack CD
Music to Read Truthmonger Comics By (2 CDs) + a comic book + collectible inserts

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