For Christ and His Kingdom: The Life and Work of Francis Nigel Lee


Rare is the man who faces his father’s murderer, let alone evangelically engage and win him.

The late Francis Nigel Lee was a brilliant man of mighty mind and humble heart. He was a loving husband and father. He powerfully preached and wrote. He was theologian, author, artist, poet. Those who loved him knew that within his rugged exterior lay a heart that tirelessly labored for Christ and His kingdom.

Read the story of one of the truly great men of recent history.

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Read the story of this lion of a man for Christ and Nordskog Publishing author:

  • From birth in England to life in South Africa
  • From zealous atheist to a near-fatal goldmine explosion
  • From disinterest to a voracious appetite for learning resulting in ten doctorates (and other degrees)
  • From pastoral work in South Africa to professorial work in the USA
  • From the USA to Australia where for 30 years he taught at the Presbyterian Church of Queensland Theological Hall and where as a barrister won significant battles for the Church:

With firsthand testimony of those who knew him, the author presents this unauthorized record of Nigel Lee’s life and ministry.

For Christ and His Kingdom Praise

I loved your summing up of Dr Lee’s life. You have an excellent narrative styleand the Nigel we knew came out from the pages “large as life.”
—Virginia, Queensland

It is well done and captivating as so much in the book, thus far, are new to me in many details of his life.
—Jerry Nordskog, USA

Reading it has just been an absolute thrill for me. Thank you so very much for taking the huge amount of time you put into this book.
—Paul Seiler, Victoria

This biography…is well written, never boring…the chapter dealing with the GAA debate on Women’s ordination is not only fascinating but exciting. This will be a valuable contribution to the history of the Church since Union.

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