Crossfire Comic Book

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By Al Hartley

When you think of comic books, what comes to mind? Super-heroes, grimacing villains, and big-eyed girls acting out their dramas in broad strokes, with text bubbles and exclamation points. Generally, the only thing missing is substance and relevance. That is, until now. Grammy Award-winner Art Greenhaw presents a new series of faith-based comic books, using this dime-store medium to convey the most exalted message: that is, the transformative power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Crossfire features the work of legendary comic book pioneer Al Hartley, in this re-release of his classic 1976 publication, restored and updated for a whole new generation to appreciate. Hartley takes the reader for a ride alongside the Men in Blue as they come face to face with those most in need of hearing the Word of Life. Also included in this issue is a story featuring the Little Soldier of the Cross, who takes a stand for the Gospel in her own eccentric way, and brings her influence to bear on the confused youth of her generation.

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True to classic comic-book graphic styling and simplicity of story-telling, Art Greenhaw’s Truthmonger collection is inspired by Stan Lee’s personal mentoring, friendship, and twenty-year correspondence, and approved by the Christian Comics Code Alliance. It is a perfect evangelistic tool to engage young adults.

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3 reviews for Crossfire Comic Book

  1. Frank A. Greenhaw

    I must give a 5-star rating to the King of Christian Comicbook Artists, Al Hartley, and THIS story and art! Al worked for years for Marvel Comics under the editorship of Stan Lee during the Silver Age of Comics (and even prior to the Silver Age). Al was so versatile at the Marvel company in superhero-style comics…and also in romance-style comics. He was also famous for his Archie Comics‘ work. He became an evangelistic Christian, and he brought all the punch and power and action of his mainstream Marvel company background to the field of Christian fiction. The results are some of the most innovative stories and art in the history of Christian fiction. It is such a privilege to be bringing back to the world Mr. Hartley’s vision and past success…and re-packaging and restoring all of this for the 21st century. And how we need in America and in the world today the talents and the vision of the King of the Christian Comicbook Artists! How we need the splashy, youth-enticing, 4-color world of comics driving home the messages of Truth and Faith and Hope and Love. These comicbook heroes in Truthmonger Comics Group books are all fighting for the Good and the True. There’s action, there’s adventure——faith-based-style. Thank you, Al Hartley! Thank you, Truthmonger Comics Group Creative Team! Thank you, Nordskog Publishing Company! The Truthmonger Age of Comics—————is here!

  2. Anne L. Rightler

    Crossfire is a faith-based comic book presented by Truthmonger Comics, written by Al Hartley and illustrated by Ben Dunn and Joshua J. Knight. Bright, full-color pictures and classic comic-style narrative bring to life a story about the life-and-death world of the Men in Blue. Men in Blue who know the Living God and can bring that message to those who desperately need to hear. Action-packed, with heroic policemen and, of course, the bad guys, yet G-rated, Crossfire is excellent reading material for young pre-teens and teens. Included in the book is a bonus origin story of the Little Soldier of the Cross, a young girl with Super-faith. I’m looking forward to sharing this with my grandchildren who love to read.

  3. Susan

    A comic with substance and relevance – just what is wanted and needed in today’s culture. What a unique way to spread the gospel and touch the hearts of those hurting who need this hope! Nice fine pages – not easily ripped so you can throw it in your bag or purse, ready to hand out. I can see these being useful to hand out in evangelistic places and ways. A great way to share what is right and wrong in this world. Colorful pages, quick and easy to read and the message stands out.

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