Non-Advertising Policy

Nordskog Publishing exists to forward the Biblical worldview once so commonly shared by Christ’s church in history. To add our contribution toward recovering and rebuilding the American Christian republic, we publish Christ- and Bible-centered titles to help the church see and live from a thoroughly Biblical foundation in all areas and activities in life

In keeping with our central mission in this ministry-business, we offer several special public-service features for the church’s and seekers’ edification in Christ. These features include The Bell Ringer circular e-Newsletter and its website-based Scriptures, historic quotes, videos and the Publisher’s Corner where we offer Biblical worldview essays and media on topics in faith, society, education, and politics.

We also offer as a public service special book and media titles for sale on our Jerry’s Bookshelf. These titles from ministry friends and fellows of Nordskog Publishing complement our fundamental Christian worldview mission.

In otherwise similar public-service websites, we sometimes see inappropriate advertising. Such advertising, we believe, undermines and compromises the holy purpose of Christian ministry. Initiated only by NPI, we may advertise certain worthy causes or events. However, it is the policy of Nordskog Publishing not to accept any third party advertising and to accept no solicitation for such.

Additionally, we do not sell, trade or otherwise transfer to outside parties our customers identities or contact information.

We seek solely to glorify God in all things. We thank all our good NPI customers and friends for your understanding and cooperation in this.

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