In Memoriam James B. Rose

Dear friend of Nordskog Publishing James Bradford Rose has gone home to his reward in the arms of his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. After serving as a businessman in his early years, Jim spent the rest of his life tirelessly helping Americans and everyone who would listen to remember and benefit from the heritage of Christ His Story. Jim spent his days teaching even the smallest collection of students how to become a functioning part of Christ’s kingdom. Jim inspired his students first demonstrating the One God working with His singular plan for mankind throughout history. He then taught the Principle Approach®, historic expressions of governing Biblical life-principles where each Christian exercises his personal gifts and fulfills his personal calling. In doing so every Christian makes unique contributions to Christ’s kingdom. In thus serving our Lord, men need liberty, first from the internal sins that beset us and then from the evil restraints of tyranny by sinful men. Jim would remind us of our personal stewardship responsibilities over civil society. As our American founders understood, Christians require justice and liberty to exercise our salt and light influential gifts unfettered before God toward His will done on earth as it is in heaven. 

To this end Jim Rose founded and oversaw the first Principle Approach school in Hayward, California. He traveled and lectured tirelessly on behalf of his American Christian History Institute. As he did with The Bell Ringer editor Ron Kirk in the summer of 1980, Jim would teach the smallest group. In 1982, Jim sponsored the historic, eighteen day, Arrowhead Springs Christian Leadership Conference in 1982, which God used to launch the careers of many leaders and Principle Approach Christian ministries. Jim authored his classic opus A Guide to American Christian Education for the Home and School: The Principle Approach, with ensemble contributions from other accomplished Principle Approach teachers. He polished the end of his active career heading a large group of homeschool educators in the northern Central Valley of California known as American Christian Academy. This ministry included for many years annual conferences where hundreds of Christian home and school educators would gather for fellowship, inspiration, and learning in the active, applied-Biblical-faith of Jesus Christ.

Physical adversity slowed Jim down in recent years, but never completely stopped him until the Lord called him home on January 19, 2019. Many whose lives he touched and often completely rearranged through knowing this man, will deeply miss him.—ed.

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