Hallowed King Day to Replace Halloween

Announcement for friend of Nordskog Publishing, Publicist Patra Minocha

Christian publicist Patra Minocha is promoting Hallowed King Day, a Sacred Celebration of Jesus Christ, as a godly and righteous alternative to celebrating the satanic, pagan holiday Halloween. All Hallows Eve—Hallows’ Even or Hallowe’en—originally remembered dead Saints, some martyred for steadfast Christian faith. 

Over the years, the West has adulterated this celebration of Saints and Martyrs, turning Halloween into a now often deeply demonic, pagan holiday where Satanists sacrifice animals and possibly humans on October 31st each year. Satanic temples and altars exist across the USA. 

Patra Minocha says recently at a Dollar Tree store in southwestern Virginia, she was stunned when she saw shelves filled with skulls. Displayed were bags of baby skulls, six to eight in a bag, large, adult size skulls, and skulls mounted on stands. It was disgusting. It resurrected visions of ISIS beheading people in Iraq and Afghanistan!! Why on earth would any parent of sound mind with an ounce of moral decency purchase skulls for their little kids! It is demonic Indoctrination, exploiting innocent children with naive parents unable to discern the devil’s evil devices. 

I learned about Christ the King Day, created by Pope Pius XI in 1925, celebrated on the last Sunday in the month of October. Originally, a Roman Catholic holiday, some Episcopal churches and Evangelical Lutheran, United Methodist churches, and some non-denominational ones celebrated the day. Patra is not trying to replace this holiday, but seeks to create a new holiday to Celebrate Christ hoping to offset the Satanic sacrifices on Halloween.

Patra says, “I’m eager to get moving with my new Christian holiday concept and pray you will support my efforts. 

Led by the Lord, in Christ.’
Patra Minocha, Publicist
Brave Hill Productions

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One Response to Hallowed King Day to Replace Halloween

  1. Rosalee Anderson October 16, 2019 at 3:08 pm #

    It was interesting that this email was sent to me. For many years, I have just not participated in Halloween, but this year I thought it was time to do something different. My idea was to emphasize Nov 1 and to call Oct 31 All Hallow’s Eve (which is what it really is). Instead of having black decorations with spiders and eyeballs, I would have white decorations and angels. I’m considering giving out homemade cookies in bags with angel wings on them, and if anyone has qualms about something not store-bought they can pass. Anyway I thought the emphasis on All Saint’s Day would be appropriate. R.Anderson

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